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After getting to high ground, Mu Feichi immediately located a huge rock that they could hide behind.

He pulled Yun Xi with him behind the rock and lay down on the snow-covered ground.

Despite the total darkness that was surrounding them, he was able to swiftly set up his sniper rifle.

Yun Xi took the binoculars she had prepared beforehand from her bag and started to look for their enemies who were moving about in the forest.

As the forest was filled with tall, huge trees, its density made it difficult for someone to locate people traveling in it.

It took her a long time to finally see the two people moving swiftly through the forest no more than 600 yards away from them.

Yun Xi could see that they had been well-trained in order to move at such a fast pace in the forest.

She frowned and adjusted her binoculars to ensure she got the right detail so that Mu Feichi would not aim at the wrong place.

“They are moving really fast.

Will you be able to hit them” she asked, knowing that even if they knew the speed of the wind and the humidity of the forest, those two were moving too fast to accurately plot their locations.

Mu Feichi had already noticed the two pursuers through his scope.

“Just watch.

A real sniper becomes one with their rifle.” He smiled.

Mu Feichi quickly adjusted his scope and started to trace the two people running through the forest by switching to telescopic mode.

“When I fire, hide behind me,” he said.

“Im your spotter.

How can I hide” Yun Xi said as she lowered her body so that the rock would cover her.

She then quickly started to follow the second mercenary with the binoculars.

A loud bang echoed through the forest, waking the sleeping birds up and causing them to flee from their trees.

After the first target had been taken down, the second pursuer reacted quickly.

Yun Xi traced her target until she saw him duck behind a huge tree and disappear from sight.

Despite their enemies moving swiftly, Mu Feichi had been able to take one down with a single shot without any hesitation.

When Yun Xi saw the first target collapse, she almost exclaimed in excitement.

However, she did notice that the mercenaries who were chasing after them were well-trained.

Their movements and reactions were better when compared to mercenaries they had run into in the past.

When Mu Feichi was able to take one out, the second person quickly found cover.

If Mu Feichi were to fire another shot, the mercenarys sniper would be able to pinpoint their location.

“Lets go!” Mu Feichi grabbed his rifle and pulled Yun Xi up before running toward their alternate sniping point.

Just as the Young Commander had expected, not long after they ran, the rock they had been hiding behind a few seconds before shattered as it got hit by a bullet.

Fortunately, they had been quick to move.

For the enemys sniper to have located their previous location after just one shot, Mu Feichi could tell that the sniper was extremely experienced.

The couple quickly took cover behind a tree, and Yun Xi was starting to pant a little.

“Their sniper was able to locate us after we only fired one shot! Hes really good.”

Mu Feichi smiled and started to look for their next target.

It didnt take long for him to spot two mercenaries approaching from both sides of them.

Yun Xi frowned and asked, “Which one are we aiming for Left or right”

“The left one.

Niao will take care of the right one.”

“How are you sure that she has her target locked on the right one and not the other one”

Mu Feichi did not answer her question immediately.

He took a deep breath, aimed at his target, and pulled the trigger.

Yun Xi heard two gunshots, and, through her binoculars, she saw the two mercenaries fall down at the same time.

Despite having no means of communication, Mu Feichi and Fenghuang Niao were still able to cooperate perfectly.

They didnt even have to communicate with each other to know which target the other person was aiming at.

They were such a perfect combination that Yun Xi was starting to feel a little jealous.

After hitting his target, Mu Feichi turned and laid back on the trunk of the tree.

He looked at the lady who was too surprised to speak and smiled as he patted her head.

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