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The sudden shot brought the mercenary down to the ground.

Just as his companions were hurrying to pull their downed comrade back to cover, another shot pierced through the dark forest and hit the fallen man in his head, taking his life instantly.

Through her scope, Yun Xi saw that her shot had only wounded her intended target and that Mu Feichi had fired a second shot after hers.

His shot was timed so perfectly that it was hard for anyone to determine who had been the first to fire.

The mercenaries had finally come to realize that they were in a tight spot.

Being on the low ground meant that the shooters camping on the higher ground would be able to take them out easily.

“Im pretty sure that the little lady is taking the highest ground.” Big A frowned as he took cover, not expecting that Yun Xi would actually be on top of the hill.

That was a spot where accuracy and coordination mattered the most.

The leader of the mercenaries then turned to look at his fallen comrade.

Despite the darkness, he could see the white snow was now dyed red with blood.

Seeing that it had taken their targets two shots to take one person down, the leader could tell that Yun Xi wasnt a well-trained marksman like the Young Commander.

After a moment of silence, Big A turned to his team and ordered, “M, you and F will cover us.

Our target is going to be the lady at the top of the mountain.

Shes the worst shooter out of all of them.

Distract the other two while we push forward.

As long as we take her out, the other two will become distracted.”

What followed next were the sound of footsteps moving through the forest once again.

As shots were fired from the mercenaries side to provide cover for their comrades pushing forward, Mu Feichis side fired back as well.

The forest had suddenly become a war zone.

When Yun Xi noticed the team of mercenaries pushing toward her, she smiled and quickly shifted her attention to them.

A few bullets had hit the ground around her, but she wasnt affected by them and remained calm and steady.

After a loud bang, the person who was at the rear of the team moving forward was taken down and tumbled down the hill.

The rest of the team quickly moved in different directions, but they didnt stop advancing.

One of the mercenaries snipers had already located where Yun Xi was shooting from.

After setting his rifle on a thick root, he fired a shot toward the top of the hill.

The snow in front of Yun Xis head exploded.

She lowered her head to look at the hole that was no more than half a yard away from her.

She smirked at the mercenaries who had underestimated her, thinking that she would make a mistake after they had exposed her location.

Even though Yun Xi did treasure her life, she would still risk everything to fight alongside Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi had already slowly moved toward the top of the hill.

Although there was still a small distance between him and Yun Xi, he could clearly hear the bullets getting closer and closer to where she was.

Every shot that he heard made his heart skip a beat, worrying that one of them would actually find its target.

Just as the mercenaries got close to the top of the mountain, they were suddenly attacked by a rain of gunfire.

Yun Xi heard the sound of a helicopters rotor from above, and she raised her head.

Their backup had finally arrived.

However, before Yun Xi could let out a sigh of relief, she felt a sudden pain in her shoulder.

The mercenaries sniper had finally found his target and landed a shot on her.

Despite the pain, she quickly grabbed her rifle and rolled to the right to seek cover from a tree.

She grabbed her shoulder with her other hand and waited.

The pain immediately woke her from the adrenaline rush she had felt a moment ago, and it cleared her mind.

After catching her breath, she blinked and started to move to another location while keeping her body low.

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