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The sound from the helicopters motor forced the mercenaries to raise their heads to check what was going on.

They were shocked to learn that their targets backup had arrived, as they werent expecting the backup to arrive so soon.

For a little while, they were all caught up by the shock, and it slowed their reaction times down a little.

And because of this, a few shots from the top of the hill were able to easily find their targets.

The mercenaries who had been surprised by the sudden arrival of backup were hit, and their lifeless bodies tumbled down the hill.

More shots were fired after that from two other points in quick succession, and those were enough to confuse the mercenaries.

One of the mercenaries snipers immediately touched his earpiece and contacted Big A.

“Boss! We have to retreat right away.

The lady is a better sniper than we thought.

Their backup has arrived too.

We have to go now or else it will be too late.”

Big A glared at the top of the mountain, which was completely dark, seemingly reluctant to give up, and asked, “Didnt you get her”

“Weve underestimated her! I fired three shots at her, and she didnt even flinch once.

Our tactic has failed.

You have to retreat now.”

After a short hesitation, the leader of the mercenaries finally made the hand signal to tell his comrades to retreat.

However, the special forces that had arrived in the helicopters had already descended into the forest and were moving toward the mercenaries from all sides.

The quiet night was once again filled with the sounds of battle.

Gunshots echoed throughout the forest while the helicopter roared loudly from above.

Yun Xi was finally able to take a breath, and the pain in her shoulder finally got to her.

She was reluctant to take any more shots as the two different groups exchanged gunshots in the forest, worrying that she might hit friendly troops.

All she could do was continue to be aware of her surroundings while checking the situation that was happening below her through the scope on her rifle.

A few yards down from the top of the hill, Mu Feichi lit a flare, and it didnt take long for the helicopter to hover above him.

A few people descended from the helicopter and landed near where the Young Commander was.

Since the mercenaries were occupied by the special forces, Mu Feichi could finally come out from his cover, and the first thing he did was run toward the top of the mountain.

“Yun Xi!” he shouted, trying to get a response.

When he saw the line of blood trailing from where Yun Xi was supposed to be, he gasped.

He followed the trail and finally spotted her resting behind a tree.

He threw his rifle down and ran over to her as fast as his feet could take him.

“Babe” He looked at the person who was almost passing out behind the tree.

He slowly reached his hand out and soon noticed the white jacket he had given Yun Xi.

“Babe! Wake up!”

Mu Feichi quickly picked her up and turned to look at the special forces who were approaching.

“Over here! Move your asses,” he roared.

As the team of well-trained soldiers approached them, Mu Feichi could feel the cold wind caused by the helicopters rotor hitting his face.

“Young Commander…” One of the special force members started to speak, but didnt know what to say when he saw the deadly eyes of his superior.

“Lets go.” With Yun Xi in his arms, he wrapped the ropes that were lowered from the helicopter around them with the help of the special forces.

He then nodded at the soldiers who were in the helicopter, and they started to roll the ropes in.

It didnt take long for the forest to return to its silent state.

However, unlike before, the stench of blood now filled the entire area.

Once they were in the helicopter, Mu Feichi carefully checked the wound on Yun Xis shoulder in the dim light.

Fortunately, it was a clean through and through, and the bullet had exited through the back of her shoulder.

Seeing that, Mu Feichi let out a sigh of relief.

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