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Su Hang arrived with his medical team at the entrance of Mu Mansion early in the morning.

When the helicopter landed, Mu Feichi carried Yun Xi straight into the mansion.

Su Hang ran over and looked nervously at Yun Xi, who was covered in blood.

He frowned and asked, “What happened How did things turn out like this”

“Her shoulder was punctured by a bullet, and she has lost a lot of blood.

Also, she was drugged with an aphrodisiac.

The dosage seems to have been extremely potent.

Everyone, hurry to the infirmary.”

Su Hang seemed stunned for a moment.

He called over a few of the other doctors who he had brought with him and started discussing a treatment plan.

Ever since hed gotten to know Yun Xi, Mu Feichi had set up an infirmary in Mu Mansion and moved all kinds of emergency medical equipment there from Su Hangs office.

Yun Xi was a doctor in training and knew how to use all the equipment.

With her around, Mu Feichi would be prepared if he faced any accidents, and Su Hang would not need to come over all the time.

Unexpectedly, before Mu Feichi could use the infirmary, Yun Xi was going to use it herself.

Su Hang looked at this man who seemed almost out of his mind.

He was afraid that Mu Feichi would disturb them if he went in the operating room.

He coughed and said, “Young Commander, you should wait outside.”

Mu Feichi ignored him.

He carried Yun Xi and kicked open the infirmary door, placing her carefully on a hospital bed.

Su Hang did not dare to say another word.

He changed into his white coat and began preparing himself to work on her.

Mu Feichi stood at the side, his eyes dark as he looked at her clothes that had been cut back in order to access the wound.

Her wound was fierce, oozing dark blood.

The bullet had brushed through her shoulder, and the horrifying sight pierced his heart.

At that moment, he suddenly had the urge to kill.

This crazy thought slowly consumed his remaining rationality.

The emergency treatment lasted for more than an hour, but it finally came to an end.

The anesthesia had yet to subside, so Mu Feichi carefully carried Yun Xi back to the master bedroom in his home.

Su Hang stood at the side, looking at this little girl who had suffered, sighing lightly.

“We administered an injection according to the formula that the girl gave us last time.

It should be able to cure the effects of the aphrodisiac from her body.

However, were worried that there could be other drugs in the medicine.

Well have to wait for her to wake up tomorrow before testing for those.”

“Drugs” Mu Feichis eyes darkened.

He turned to look at the unconscious figure on the bed, and a cold light flashed through his eyes.

“It looks as if the target this time was her.”

“She shouldnt have been able to last for so long with the aphrodisiac in her body.

Moreover, she fought alongside you for her to get injured so badly.

Did you cure her of its effects”

Everyone understood what Su Hang was implying.

He was indirectly asking Mu Feichi if he had succeeded in doing the deed…

Mu Feichi was already filled with anger.

Now that he was being asked about such a private matter, it was as if Su Hang was stepping into his own private business.

His expression changed instantly.

“If you think I wouldnt help my woman in this predicament, do you think Id let another man touch her”

Letting a bunch of male doctors operate on her was already a challenge to his self-control.

If the girl had not emphasized to him that doctors did not care about gender, he would have personally cleaned and sutured her wounds.

They would not have had the chance.

Su Hang chuckled.

“Young Commander, since youre already an adult, you should relax and enjoy yourself.

Shes going to be yours sooner or later anyway, so theres no difference whether you have her now or later.”

Mu Feichi snorted softly and turned to look at Su Hang.

His face was stern and businesslike.

“How are things at the prison Were there any casualties”

When talking about serious business, Su Hangs expression changed as well, and he became very serious all of a sudden.

“It wasnt considered heavy casualties.

Han Hongbin sent elite mercenaries over.

Since it was a trap set up by you, we naturally had to wait for the prey to take the bait.

Otherwise, wouldnt it have been a waste of effort”

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