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“Since the prey has taken the bait, then well act according to plan.

We must figure out Han Hongbins weaknesses and amass enough evidence.

Otherwise, itll be impossible to take him down again.”

“I know, and Ive already given the order.

This time, youve sent out the elite team that youve never used before for the forest rescue.

Even though there were no casualties, the mercenaries in the forest have all been killed, so its unlikely that youll be able to capture the mastermind.”

“Who said theres no chance” Mu Feichi turned around coldly and smirked.

“Well start with that batch of firearms and investigate until we find out the truth.”

Pausing for a moment, he seemed to have thought of something and continued, “Ask the intelligence department to investigate without alerting anyone.”

Regardless of whether the culprit was the Prime Minister or not, their biggest suspect was the Qi family.

However, to accuse the Prime Minister, they needed sufficient evidence.

He would never reveal his hand so easily.

“Okay, okay, I understand.” Su Hang raised his hand to look at the time.

It was almost dawn.

After this difficult night, he couldnt take it anymore.

“Go back and watch over her.

She might get a fever from the infection.

When she wakes up, test if there are any drugs in her body.

Ill be downstairs.

Call me if anything happens.”

Mu Feichi nodded and turned around to return to the master bedroom.

As the sky gradually brightened, he was no longer sleepy.

He changed into a clean set of clothes and sat by the bed.

His heart ached as he looked at the unconscious figure on the bed.

His eyes were cold.

After some time, the sound of cars arriving at Mu Mansion could be heard.

The butler quickly went out to welcome them.

When he saw the figures getting out of the three cars, he quickly went up to them.

“How is it Are they back yet” Before the butler could say anything, Mu Chongli rushed over and asked anxiously.

“I just came back.

Young Master is fine.

Miss Yun is injured and is still unconscious after surgery…”

“Are her injuries serious” Mu Chongli asked the butler as he walked.

“The bullet pierced through her shoulder.

Theyve already repaired it in the operation, so theres no need to worry.”

Mu Chongli sighed with relief when he heard that it was a wound on the shoulder.

He turned around and led the people behind him into Mu Mansion.

With so many people arriving at Mu Mansion, Mu Feichi had no choice but to come out of the master bedroom.

He glanced at Mu Chongli and Lord Yan, who had rushed over, as well as Huo Tingxiao and Jiang Chenghuan, who were following behind.

He gestured to the living room and turned to enter.

The butler brought out some hot tea.

Mu Chongli glanced upstairs and turned to look at Mu Feichi.

“Is Yun Xi all right Who did this to both of you Why did they choose this time”

“If they wanted to kill us, would they have to choose a good day”

“How did you protect your woman, Young Commander”

He knew very well what kind of suffering the Mu family had had to go through.

That was why hed hoped that the woman standing beside Mu Feichi would be strong enough.

Otherwise, he would have to bear the pain himself.

“You make it sound like I dont care about my woman.

Shes a person who can fight alongside me and attack from the highest vantage point for me.

Shes the strongest queen but sometimes doesnt know how to dodge bullets when they reach her.

Shes not just a delicate flower who only knows how to hide behind me.”

“Attack from the highest vantage point…” Mu Chongli looked at the stairs thoughtfully.

This little girl could really surprise people every time.

Even Yan Shuo could not help but nod.

He looked at Mu Feichi with a half-smile and said, “Her shooting skills are not as good as yours, and you still dare to ask her to go to the highest vantage point.

You youngsters are indeed daredevils.”

He knew the girls marksmanship very well.

However, Mu Feichi was willing to let her go to the highest vantage point because he had absolute trust in her.

He believed that she could hit the target and cooperate well with him.

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