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However, he was not afraid of anything happening if he pushed her to go to the highest point.

Concealment on the highest vantage point meant that even if a bullet hit her, she must not move an inch.

With the girls experience, she would not be able to do that.

It was ridiculous to try to help her grow using this means.

“So what if Im being a daredevil If she doesnt try, how will she know where her limits are In a desperate situation, anything is possible.

Furthermore, she can hit the target with one shot.

Even if she doesnt kill the target, I can help her.

With our seamless coordination, we have achieved the result I wanted.”

When Mu Feichi said this, his tone was full of pride.

He completely ignored Yan Shuos contributions as her trainer.

Yan Shuo smiled and didnt say anything.

He didnt bother to argue with Mu Feichi either.

The limitless possibilities in a hopeless situation required a heavy price and absolute courage.

Anyway, Mu Feichi was the one who was hurt and felt the pain.

He was the one who had caused it.

Mu Feichi snorted softly.

Although he was full of anger, he had no intention of venting it on others.

“All right! That girl is fine.

You dont have to worry anymore.

These international mercenaries who someone sent after us have heavy weapons.

International arms trafficking is involved.

Ill have to trouble General Mu to go to the Presidents residence to inform him of the incident so he can give the order to investigate it thoroughly.

Im too busy to go over there anytime soon.”

It was rare for Mu Chongli to hear Mu Feichi use a respectful title to address him.

His cold expression softened, and he scoffed.

Even though he knew that Mu Feichi was instructing this father of his to do his bidding, he still compromised in the end.

“I understand.

Ill make a trip to the Presidents house.”

“If theres nothing else, you can leave now.” Mu Feichi leaned back in his chair, as he gave the order to leave.

Mu Chongli and Yan Shuo had come here to see what was going on.

Since everyone seemed fine and he didnt want to see them any longer, they stood up and left.

After they had left, the atmosphere in the living room became much more relaxed.

Huo Tingxiao turned to look at Mu Feichi and said calmly, “Ive already sent someone to Luyi Villa to let them know about the incident.

What exactly happened this time”

“The girl was drugged at the party.

We left in a hurry, and we ran into an ambush along the way.

They used a close-range low-altitude missile.

This kind of heavy weapon is not something that can be bought in any normal military firearms trade.

I suspect someone in Jun Country is making a deal with some really high-level arms dealers.”

Jiang Chenghuan remained silent.

When this matter was brought up, his expression darkened.

“Weapons trading is prohibited in this country.

However, if they were to sell military firearms privately, they could definitely make huge profits.

The people involved here cant be small fries, so its very likely that there are a lot of connected people and big shots involved.

Crocodile alone is enough to make people worry.

Now theres another arms dealer.” TSK, TSK! “The happenings in Jun Country are really making people uneasy recently.

It looks as if youre going to be busy, Young Commander.”

Mu Feichi remained silent and his face was sullen.

It was his responsibility to protect the countrys safety.

He would never shirk his responsibilities.

This was his duty as a soldier.

However, if someone wanted to cause trouble for him, he would not hold back.

He had never interfered with the balance of power in Jingdu.

He could turn a blind eye to the competition between the four wealthiest families and the other families, but when it came to national security, he could not turn a blind eye.

“Ive already sent people to investigate.

All of you should be careful.

There have been so many incidents that targeted the girl and me.

It looks like someone has lost their cool.”

His life had been a pool of stagnant water for a very long time.

Now that someone insisted on stirring things up, he could use this opportunity to restore order in Jingdu.

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