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The injuries on her shoulder hurt.

Since she had woken up, there was no reason for her to continue lying down.

She decided she might as well get up and eat to replenish her strength.

It was rare for Young Commander Mu to be so considerate.

He moved closer to her.

Those gentle, deep eyes almost made her feel as if she was drowning.

This man was simply toxic when he was gentle.

“Dont come so close!” She raised her right hand to push his handsome face away.

She pressed her palm against his face, as her ears started to burn.

“Im hungry.

Lets go down and eat.”

An empty stomach would only cause her to feel dizzy after the effects of the drugs.

Her thinking was pretty muddled after everything that had occurred yesterday.

No matter who had attacked her yesterday, she had to be prepared.

Mu Feichi looked up and kissed her palm before asking, “What do you want to eat Ill bring it up for you.”

“No, lets eat downstairs.”

“Your wounds havent healed yet.

You really should stay in bed.”

“Carry me then.

Turn around.” As she said that, she patted his shoulder and smiled shyly.

Mu Feichi was in a good mood.

He turned around immediately and reminded her, “Be careful of the wound on your shoulder.”

“The wound is on my left shoulder, but I still have my right arm.” As she said that, she moved her slightly numb legs.

Her left hand did not move, and her right hand gripped his neck tightly.

She hooked her legs around his waist and pressed her whole body against his back.

“Lets go!” Her butt was still sitting on the bed, so she did not need to use much strength.

Her hands that had hooked around his neck started to pat his face like she was riding a horse.

Mu Feichi did not know whether to laugh or cry as he held onto her butt and stood up.

He could not help but pat it and asked with a smile that was not quite a smile, “Youre moving so much.

Doesnt it hurt anymore”

“Im only letting you carry me because Im exhausted from the pain.”

“Are you sure youre not riding me because you want a horse”

“If I was riding you like a horse, then I should be up there.”

“Okay, Ill let you be on top next time.”

“Shut up!” Yun Xi immediately understood the meaning behind his words, and her face turned bright red.

Even though the two of them already had faced each other in the closest possible way, she was still too embarrassed to bring up this topic.

She flew into a rage out of embarrassment and bit his neck.

She did not know where she got her courage from, but she did not forget to lick his neck.

The most sensitive part of a mans neck artery was brushed by a soft and wet tongue.

Mu Feichi who felt like he was three years old was frightened and froze in his steps.

It took him a long time to realize what this girl had done.

He took a deep breath, narrowed his eyes, and said, “Little enchantress, youre rebelling.”

“You were the one who teased me first.

Im just returning the favor.” She said this in a natural and arrogant tone.

Other than her, no one else would dare to say that to Mu Feichi.

“…” Mu Feichis face darkened.

Who was the one whod started it

If it hadnt been for the injury on her shoulder, Mu Feichi really wanted to go back to the master bedroom and pin her down so that she would know what it meant by returning the favor.

Sitting in the dining room, Yun Xi watched as he walked in and out of the kitchen serving her breakfast.

She took advantage of her free time to chat with him about last night.

“How are things at the prison Did you manage to catch the culprit”

“What I want is not to catch him, but to get concrete evidence to prove that Crocodile is Han Hongbin, but…”

Coming out of the kitchen, Mu Feichi placed a cup of warm soy milk in front of her and sat down.

Yun Xi raised her head, blinking as she stared at him.

“But what Did he get away again”

“Not really.

Han Hongbin sent the last of his mercenaries to the prison.

When Fenghuang Cheng led his men to chase after them, Han Hongbin was not there.

Even though we have destroyed their hideout, the mastermind was not caught.”

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