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When she heard this, Yun Xi raised her head and looked a bit shocked.

“You didnt catch him Then was all our work for nothing”

They were hopeful, but they had fought with Crocodile so many times, and he had once again managed to escape.

They had found and gotten rid of the spy from the Tianyu Mountain special forces team, but Crocodile was still able to escape from their ambush.

It was clear that he was a sly old fox.

“It was not a waste of effort.

After getting rid of this group of mercenaries, Crocodile doesnt have much manpower left.

If he wants to make any more moves, he will have to pay someone to do it.

Ill have people follow the mercenary groups from the borders.

Once theres any movement, we can follow the clues and investigate.

Its not a big deal to dig out Han Hongbin.

Well only benefit, however, if we can drag the Prime Minister and those other big shots down with him.

If the Prime Minister is involved with an international drug lord, it would be a huge scandal.”

Pausing for a moment, he seemed to have thought of something as he stuffed a crystal dumpling into her mouth.

“However, judging from Han Hongbins recent actions, it doesnt seem like Crocodiles cautious style.

He lured me away from the mountain during the socialite ball and took the opportunity to attack the prison to free his illegitimate son.

Its too easy for people to suspect him.

Although it was a good opportunity, if it had been me, I wouldnt have gathered all my forces on Tianyu Mountain.

This time, other than the three people we deliberately let escape, all the people he sent were wiped out.

The price he paid was extremely heavy.

Im now worried that Crocodile is someone else.

If thats really the case, then all the information weve gathered previously has been in vain.

And this time, we were attacked…”

Before Mu Feichi could finish speaking, Yun Xi continued on his behalf, “In this attack, it was evident that not only does the other party have heavy weapons, they also have well-trained mercenaries.

No matter how you look at it, our opponents identity isnt simple.

If the person who lured the tiger away from the mountain and their ambush this time was the same person, then the person who set up this trap behind the scenes is really interesting.

Young Commander, you lured the snake out of its hole.

If the person who set this trap is the real Crocodile, then the firearms in his hands cannot be underestimated.

The fake Crocodile we encountered before was only a small shrimp that isnt worth mentioning.”

This question was related to a lot of information and military secrets.

It was not something she could interfere with.

Mu Feichi knew what he was doing, so she did not say much more.

Mu Feichis face darkened as he took a sip of coffee.

He watched this little girl beside him analyzing the situation and the pros and cons with a deep gaze.

Her wit and meticulous thought were beyond his imagination, especially when it came to military matters.

Putting away the emotions in his eyes, he looked up with a half-smile.

“Han Hongbin has lost so many people now.

It should be the time for him to be frightened.

When do you plan to take action against Han Yaotian”

“Im adding flowers to my own brocade.

Now that Im the top socialite, my status has risen, and I have the leverage to make Han Yaotian listen to me.

Ive already gotten someone to send Han Yaotian the information about Qiao Lixin.

If I tell him that Han Hongbins illegitimate son has gotten away, Han Yaotian will definitely be eager to implement his plan.”

“Then Ill wait for your good news.

I wont interfere with this.

You can do whatever you want.

Ill help you clear up the remaining obstacles.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She narrowed her eyes and smiled, her face full of satisfaction.

The chemistry between these two seemed to improve.

Even if they did not say anything, they could guess what the other was going to do next.

“Have you found out who drugged me at the party” Now that the big issues were settled, it was time to deal with her small issue.

Mu Feichi nodded.

“I got Grey Wolf to hack the surveillance cameras in the villa and the hidden cameras in the bodyguards clothes, as well as all the surveillance cameras near the blind spots.

We finally caught the person who drugged you.

Guess who it was”

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