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When he asked her that, it wasnt easy for her to guess who it was.

After giving it some thought, she raised her head and started to analyze all the possible culprits.

“The possibility of it being Qi Siyu is low.

This banquet was organized by the Qi family, and if something happened to me, the Qi family would be implicated.

However, she would also want to see me make a fool of myself.

Qiao Ximin is the most likely candidate because she had the highest potential to become the top socialite, but I have beaten her to a pulp.

She probably wants to tear me apart right now.

Liang Xinyi doesnt have many connections, so it would have been impossible for her to get her hands on those kind of drugs that are only available on the black market.

Even if the other socialites participating in the banquet had a motive, it was too sudden since I had just been chosen as the top socialite.

They wouldnt have had the time to prepare beforehand.”

Mu Feichi nodded and said with a half-smile, “Your analysis is very logical, but this time, the person who drugged you was the most unlikely person to have done it.

The drug was given by the person who hates you more than anyone else.”

“Liang Xinyi” Yun Xi looked up, a flash of surprise coursing through her eyes.

“Her hands and feet arent that fast.

How could she possibly avoid the eyes of the villas bodyguards”

“If she wasnt the one who brought the wine glass over, why would she need to do anything” Mu Feichi raised his hand and rubbed her head.

“When your cousin becomes vicious, she can even sell herself.”

“Didnt she already sell herself once Whats the difference if she does it again”

Yun Xi sneered.

Liang Xinyi had always been more capable and ambitious than Liang Danyi.

Although they were neither presentable nor worthy of her attention, there would always be times when it was impossible to keep her guard up against them.

If she ever had a chance to lay her hands on Liang Xinyi, she would not hold back.

Taking drastic measures was the best solution.

“Since shes so eager to die, Ill fulfill her wish.”

In any case, she had already achieved her goal of crushing Liang Xinyi at the socialite ball.

Knowing Liang Xinyis extreme hatred for her, it would not be unreasonable for her to attack her after seeing her standing on the stage in the limelight.

Mu Feichi brought a spoonful of shredded chicken porridge to Yun Xis mouth and reminded her nonchalantly, “The best way to vent your anger is to let her watch helplessly as you dangle and destroy the thing she wants the most right in front of her eyes.”

TSK, TSK! “I thought women were the most vicious.

Looks like youre not bad yourself, Young Commander.”

What he suggested was also exactly what she wanted to do.

“If I can be your man, I will not be bad at all.

Normally, I dont even want to be bothered dealing with people like her.

However, Ill be happy to help you if you want to handle the matter yourself, babe.”

“I can handle this battlefield myself.

I dont want to dirty your hands.”

“Okay.” Mu Feichi nodded and thoughtfully fed her the porridge that had become just the right temperature.

Yun Xi reacted after taking a few mouthfuls.

She was being fed by the Young Commander of Jun Country, and she immediately felt uncomfortable.

“Ill do it myself.”

A certain someone raised his eyebrows and pulled a long face.

“Are you not happy that Im feeding you”

“Young Commander, if you feed me, my life span will be shortened.”

“Shut up! Dont you dare say such inauspicious things.

If youre my woman, you can accept it.”

“…” She really could not stand all this sweet talk.

She finished her breakfast slowly.

Due to her injuries, Mu Feichi did not allow her to worry about anything else and carried her back to the master bedroom.

After giving her the anti-inflammatory medicine, Mu Feichi took out a box of white ointment from the drawer.

“Does it still hurt down there”

COUGH, COUGH! Yun Xi was currently drinking water.

When she heard his question, she immediately choked on a mouthful of water, her ears turning red.

“Su Hang sent the medicine over.

Ill help you apply it.”

Yun Xis face was so red and she glared at him in annoyance.

It was such a private area, so how could she muster the courage to ask him to do it for her

Even if it hurt, she had to shout and insist that it did not hurt.

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