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Han Yaotian was overjoyed about this matter.

When he saw Yun Xis call, he quickly picked it up.

The thing he wanted the most right now had been delivered by her.

It was like a timely rain.

“Yes, I got it.

Yun Xi, youre really my lucky star.” With this information, he had the leverage to negotiate with the Qiao family.

Right now, the Qiao family was in urgent need of strengthening themselves, so it was also the best time for him to make a move.

If he waited until the Qiao family became stronger before he counterattacked, then he would not have any advantage at all.

Moreover, the Han family needed external help to stop the damage in time and recover their strength.

Otherwise, if it continued like this, they would soon be swallowed up by other large families.

“Since youve received it, do as you deem fit.

You should know how to negotiate with the Qiao family.

I wont say much, but theres something else I need your help with.”

“What is it Tell me! I will definitely help you as long as its within my power.”

Now that he had taken the first step, Han Yaotian was so excited that he felt like he was floating on air when he thought about how he would be able to enjoy wealth, power, and status in the future.

Hearing the excitement in his voice, Yun Xi smiled lightly and opened her laptop.

“That cousin of mine is now acting as the eyes and ears of you and your father.

She is hiding out with Han Zhongteng, right”

Han Yaotian thought for a while and corrected her, “She isnt spying on my behalf, but she is indeed acting as my fathers eyes and ears.

Moreover, she came to me of her own accord.

My father saw that she still had value, and Han Zhongteng is interested in her, so he asked her to keep an eye on him.”

“Then Chairman Han should be able to tell that my cousin doesnt like Han Zhongteng, right”

Han Yaotian nodded.

“Thats true.

Your cousin is quite ambitious.”

“So, Chairman Han, since you have already declared your loyalty to the Han family, you have to be careful.

Compared to Han Zhongteng, who you dont like and doesnt have the right to inherit the Han Group, you, as the first heir in line, are even more attractive to her.

Dont let my cousin use any means to take over the position beside you before you marry the eldest daughter of the Qiao family.

If you two create any scandals, the Qiao family might not agree to this marriage.”

They were all smart people.

She believed that Han Yaotian would understand what she said.

On the other end of the phone, Han Yaotian was silent for a moment.

He seemed to be considering her warning.

Yun Xi struck while the iron was hot and continued, “Since she is keeping an eye on Han Zhongteng, why not let her become Han Zhongtengs Mrs.

Han completely.

This way, you no longer have any hidden dangers, and she can continue to be used by you.

It would all work out perfectly, wouldnt it”

“You mean, let Han Zhongteng marry her But…” Han Yaotian thought for a while and then said hesitantly, “Wealthy families all care about marriage and the compatibility of our families.

My second aunt will definitely not agree to her marrying into that family.”

For a girl without a powerful family background or connections to marry into the Han family, even if the person she was to marry was a son without the right to inherit the familys fortune, the Han family would probably not accept this marriage.

No matter whose marriage it was, the marriage of all men of the Han family had to be built on the premise that it would be beneficial to the development of the Han family.

Otherwise, there was no need to discuss it any further.

“Chairman Han, dont forget that my cousin still has the Su family backing her.

Even if my aunt is a burden who was brought over by a second marriage, the most important thing for a wealthy family is their reputation.

No matter what, they wont do too badly.

Hasnt the Han family always wanted to rope in the Su family A marriage alliance is the best foundation for consolidating a relationship.

Chairman Han should be very clear about this.”

Han Yaotian thought about it.

This was indeed the best opportunity to rope in the Su family.

Even if this attempt might not succeed, he could still give it a try.

Once this problem was resolved, his danger would also be resolved.

He would be killing two birds with one stone.

“All right, I know what to do.”

“Then Ill have to trouble Chairman Han to act as the intermediary.

Ill wait for your good news.”

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