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After hanging up the phone, Yun Xi frowned as she looked outside.

It had started snowing.

A cold smile formed at the corners of her lips.

Liang Xinyi had schemed against her so many times.

The only reason she had not resorted to ruthless means before and had let her off the hook on numerous occasions was on account of her uncle who had taken care of her for so many years.

However, now the situation had changed drastically.

The three of them had already abandoned her uncle.

If she were to show Liang Xinyi any mercy, she would be wasting the aphrodisiac that Liang Xinyi had painstakingly sourced and drugged her with.

After thinking for a while, she pulled out the confidential information on her computer and sourced the intel she had on the Han family.

Based on her understanding of the Han Group from her previous life and the latest project resources on hand, she quickly drew up an acquisition proposal.

After completing the proposal, she got up and entered Mu Feichis study to print out the proposal.

Looking at the printed pages that the printer spat out, Yun Xi narrowed her eyes, her cold gaze reading the dense words.

Destroying the Han family was her ultimate goal.

She did not want to inherit the mess that was the Han Group, but she did not expect that their imminent demise would ultimately benefit the Su family.

The siblings, Su Donglin and Su Ximan, were low profile and resourceful.

Among the big four wealthiest families, they were the least conspicuous.

No one could see where they stood or what their motives were.

It was precisely such people who were the scariest.

However, with the benefits laid out before them, she believed that there was still hope for cooperation with them.

After all, they were not competitors from the start.

If the Su family swallowed the Han family in the future to strengthen themselves, the situation in Jingdu would probably turn around again.

After careful consideration, she finally called Su Donglin to arrange for a meeting.

Sending the Liang Xinyi trio into the Su family to be tortured had been her original idea.

Now that she wanted to kick them into h*ll and chop them into pieces to vent her anger, she had to inform Su Donglin out of courtesy.

Otherwise, she would have dug a hole for the Liang Xinyi trio behind their backs and it would have indirectly disgraced the Su family.

However, he, as the head of the family, would have known nothing about it.

That would be harmful to their collaboration.


Su, do you have time to meet”

“Miss Yun” When he received her call, Su Donglin seemed a little surprised, and his tone softened involuntarily.

“Whats the matter”

“We can discuss this further when we meet.

Lets meet at the same place as last time.

You make the arrangements.”

“Okay, Ill see you in an hour.”

After hanging up, Yun Xi returned to her room to change into a down jacket and winter boots.

Only then did she go downstairs to call the butler to get a chauffeur to take her down the mountain.

Knowing that she had been injured, the butler did not dare to make any rash decisions.

He called the driver and sent a message to his young master.

Without his permission, he did not dare let her go out easily, especially when it was snowing outside.

Seeing the butlers actions, Yun Xi turned her head away and pretended not to see.

In any case, Mu Feichi would find out sooner or later.

Surprisingly, the man agreed.

The butler came back to inform her and even gave her a thermos to take with her.

Yun Xi opened the thermos and took a sniff.

It was a ginseng tea that had just been brewed.

It was probably Mu Feichi who had specially instructed it to be prepared for her because he was afraid that she would be cold.

The car was already waiting outside.

After getting into the car and telling the chauffeur the address, the car slowly drove toward the city.

The car had just reached the entrance of the courtyard when Yun Xis phone rang.

She lowered her eyes to look.

It was a call from Yun Yuanfeng.

He had probably found out that she had won the title of top socialite and had already rushed back to Jingdu.

“Miss Yun, thats Director Yuns car,” the driver told Yun Xi when he saw the car coming toward them.

Yun Xi looked at the license plate in front of her.

It was indeed Yun Yuanfengs car.

The phone in her hand was still ringing.

She looked at the car outside and picked up the phone.

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