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In reality, after experiencing so many trials and tribulations, Yun Xi felt that her mentality toward Yun Yuanfeng had eased.

She also felt less hatred toward the Yun family, especially after settling scores with Liang Xiuqin and Yun Ziling.

Or rather, these people were no longer her opponents.

She had left them far behind, and they were no longer living in the same world.

Even if Yun Yuanfeng wanted to use her now, she had a bargaining chip to negotiate with him.

She picked up the phone and said calmly, “Dad…”

“Yun Xi, I saw the news.

You were chosen as the top socialite.

Why didnt you tell me that you were participating in the competition No matter how busy I am, I would definitely have gone and supported you.”

Was Yun Yuanfeng feeling regretful that he had not attended the ball and missed the opportunity to climb up the social ladder

After all, everyone knew what kind of big shots were attending that event.

A few casual contacts would be enough to expand his network.

With a light laugh, Yun Xi curled her lips teasingly.

She looked at the car that had slowly entered the courtyard and narrowed her eyes.

“I wanted to give Dad a surprise.

After all, I didnt think that I would be able to win the award.

If I didnt win, wouldnt I have disappointed you if Id told you in advance Its not too late for you to know now.

Ive finally made you proud.”

“Thats right, thats right.

Youve done me proud.

Now that my daughter has become the top socialite, Im very happy as your father.

Lets see who dares laugh at our Yun family in the future.”

Yun Xi smiled, but didnt reply.

To Yun Yuanfeng, a person without value was not worth his time even to conduct perfunctory small talk and plaster on a friendly face.

“When are you coming home This is such good news that the whole family should celebrate.”

“I still have some things to take care of here.

Lets talk after Im finished.

Dad, I still have something to do today, so Ill hang up first.”

Without waiting for Yun Yuanfeng to speak, she hung up the phone.

She really did not want to waste her breath.

The car drove all the way to the agreed-upon meeting venue.

From the parking lot, Yun Xi was led into a private room by a waiter.

Su Donglin was already waiting by the window.

“Miss Yun.” Su Donglin stood up like a gentleman and pulled out a chair for her.

Yun Xi sat down.

Su Donglin pressed the bell in the room, and the service staff entered, bringing the dishes that had been prepared earlier.

Yun Xi was stunned.

She looked at the table full of dishes and raised her eyes to look at the gentlemanly yet distant man sitting opposite her.

“Its already lunchtime.

The weather is cold, and I was afraid that you would be hungry, so I ordered the dishes that you ate last time.

If you dont like them, Ill get someone to change them.”

This gentleman was really considerate.

For a young master like Su Donglin who came from an aristocratic family, every move he made embodied the gentlemanly manners and poise of a noble family.

He was low key and tactful, yet his actions were bold and ruthless.

With time, he would become even more charming and polished, and he was dangerously attractive and good with his words.

He could easily make girls fall for him.

However, most people in this circle knew that a man like Su Donglin could not be easily provoked as no one could see through him.

“Theres no need to change the dishes.

These already look very good.” Yun Xi looked at the dishes on the table.

They were all things she enjoyed eating.

However, she was injured, so she could not indulge herself as she normally would.

“Dont speak while eating or sleeping.

I know this rule that big families like yours go by.

I dont abide by the rules normally, so please forgive me in advance, President Su.”

“Its not like were in a heritage mansion now.

Its fine as long as were at ease.

If there are so many restrictions when it comes to eating, we wont have an appetite when the table is loaded with food.”

Su Donglin looked at the pale-faced girl opposite him.

She did not look too well.

He frowned and asked, “Is Miss Yun not feeling well You dont look as good as usual.”

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