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Han Yaotian started to prepare how to get Han Hongbin to agree to this marriage after receiving the intelligence about the Qiao family.

Especially since the two families were at odds, he needed an excuse to prevent Han Hongbin from suspecting his intentions of advocating this marriage.

Otherwise, the dirt in his hands would become Han Hongbins bargaining chip to suppress the Qiao family, and he would not gain any advantage.

Since he had never treated him as an heir, he would not give away the benefits that he had gained to another illegitimate son.

The Qiao family and the Han family had been at odds and fighting to the death for some time, and so when they suddenly released news of a marriage alliance, anyone could tell that there was something fishy going on.

In order to pave a way for himself, he had to make this show more realistic.

Just as he was thinking about what to do, his secretary knocked on the door and entered.

She stopped in her tracks and reminded him, “Chairman Han, you should prepare to leave for C City.”

“I thought we were going there in a few days” He had been keeping an eye on the C City project for a long time, and he had arranged for the trip to be brought forward.

He was sure that it should be three or four days from now.

“Didnt you instruct me to bring forward the time last night Miss Yun is the top socialite now, and she will be hosting the charity auction in a week.

You said that you would rush back to participate, so I made the arrangements.”

Han Yaotian slapped his forehead.

“Yes, I did! I almost forgot about this.”

If the top socialite of the year had been someone else, he might not have cared.

He could have just sent someone over to support the event.

However, the top socialite of this year was Yun Xi.

Now that the two of them were in a collaborative relationship, he was still hoping to spend some money to make her happy and put in a few good words for him in front of the Young Commander.

Furthermore, with her status as the top socialite, she would be able to bring him many benefits when they worked together in the future.

How could he not take care of such a big character

“Noted, please go and make the arrangements.”

The news of Yun Xi being chosen as the top socialite quickly spread throughout Jingdu.

All the major media outlets were reporting on this years biggest gossip news.

Very soon, the news of Yun Xis return to Jingdu two years ago was dug up.

Her accomplishments as the top scholar of three subjects at Jingdu High School to winning an international science award were made known.

At such a young age, her accomplishments were even more outstanding than the previous top socialite, and she was even more eye-catching.

Under Gu Baifans instructions, the media under the Mu Group started to lead the major mainstream media outlets to spread the inside story and news that their young master was willing to divulge to the public.

Every single accolade of hers easily crushed Qi Siyu, the previous top socialite.

Initially, every time a socialite was replaced, the previous years top socialite would still be called the top socialite.

Especially Qi Siyu, who had worked hard for so many years to consolidate her network in Jingdu and firmly sat in the position of the top socialite in Jingdu.

She could be said to be unparalleled in her own way.

When Jingdus top socialite was mentioned, everyone knew that it was the Prime Ministers daughter, Qi Siyu.

But now, she had become the previous socialite in the publics mouth.

The glamorous, proud, and noble top socialite who was Qi Siyu was now represented in status and background with just a few words.

She also had had an unparalleled radiance.

But now that the word previous had been added in front of her title, it was no different from harshly trampling on her.

Looking at the medias reports about the new top socialite, even though they did not mention a single word about her, the medias actions were like a huge slap in her face.

Qi Siyu looked at the photo plastered on the television screen.

The photo was of Yun Xi and Mu Feichi dancing together at the ball last night.

Although it only featured her side profile, that girls smile could not conceal the pride on her face.

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