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What was even more unbelievable was that Mu Feichis expression in the photo was extraordinarily gentle.

Such gentleness from this man was so foreign that it made her crazy with jealousy.

He was always distant and arrogant in front of everyone.

He did not even treat his own father differently, but when it came to this girl, Qi Siyu could feel the gentleness that he had never shown.

She never knew that this man could be so charming when he was gentle.

Many women in Jingdu had wished to stand by his side.

Even though she had worked hard for so many years, she still was not qualified to stand there, let alone go to Tianyu Mountain.

Yun Xi was merely the daughter of a lowly official, and her family background was nothing to speak of.

What qualifications did she have to have these things

However, this country girl who could not compare to her in any way was not only being compared to her by the public, but she had also stolen the man shed wanted the most.

What right did she have

Qi Yichen said that those other girls were merely vulgar fans, but that lowly girl was clearly the vulgar one.

What she had and who she was were more outstanding than Yun Xi.

Why did Mu Feichi still not like her Why

The more she thought about it, the more confused she became.

Qi Siyu stared intently at the television screen as she watched the media under the Mu Group talk about the charity auction hosted by Yun Xi.

When Mu Feichi personally attended the event, she could no longer control the jealousy in her heart.

The glass cup in her hand smashed fiercely onto the screen reporters face.

The television screen shattered and went black.

Hearing the noise, the butler came out from the kitchen.

He looked at the furious eldest young mistress in the living room, lowered his head, and retreated into the kitchen.

On the staircase, Qi Yichen looked down at his eldest sister who was venting her anger at the TV in the living room.

He sneered as he placed his hands on the railing and teased her casually, “Whats the use of venting your anger at home If you are capable, run over to Mu Feichi and tell him that you like him.

Maybe you can even compete with her.”

Mu Feichi was a man who did not play by the rules.

The more special she was, the more interested he would be.

With his sisters personality, what was the use of putting up a demure front and feeling ruthless in her heart No matter how ruthless she was in private and how unscrupulous she was in scheming against others, Mu Feichi might be more interested in her if she did it openly.

However, she could not bring herself to do so.

She had to put on the airs of a socialite from a wealthy family and stick to the upbringing and graces of a socialite.

Mu Feichi saw her as a lady from a wealthy family who had had a strict and formal upbringing, just like the dozens of other socialites in Jingdu.

She was nothing special to him.

On the other hand, pretty girls from small families who were not bound by the rules and were straightforward and lively, how could they not attract the attention of overly ambitious men like him

Hearing Qi Yichens teasing, Qi Siyu turned around and glared at him coldly.

“Since you cant bear to part with the image of a rich socialite that youve worked so hard to maintain for so many years, you cant blame Mu Feichi for liking such a pure and unique girl.

As the head of the Mu family, even the Prime Ministers daughter is chasing after him.

What kind of noble, dignified, and gentle rich young lady has he not seen before What makes you think that just because youre more outstanding than other women, he has to like you”

Qi Yichen was very blunt, and Qi Siyus face changed at once.

The anger and jealousy in her throat exploded.

“Shut up! You dont have to worry about me.”

The crueler that Qi Yichen was in stomping on her dreams, the more she refused to accept it.

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