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When it came to understanding men, could Qi Yichen possibly not know more than her

Qi Siyu had been overseas for so many years, and she had seen all kinds of men.

Werent all men the same

The more she could not get what she wanted, the more restless she became.

She did not believe that Mu Feichi was an exception.

No matter what, he was still a man of flesh and blood.

Qi Yichen raised his eyebrows.

There was a distant charm on his handsome face.

The more annoyed Qi Siyu became, the more indifferent he was.

It seemed that he did not take it seriously at all.

“As the saying goes, good advice has always been harsh.

Even if you dont want to hear it, I have to say it.

If you still dont understand the current situation, I dont mind reminding you.”

Qi Yichen stood up straight and walked down the stairs.

He ignored Qi Siyus erratic love-crazed episode and sat lazily on the sofa.

“Lets not talk about whether Mu Feichi likes you or not.

Father and Mu Feichi are on opposing sides.

Unless one side completely compromises, its impossible for you to have anything to do with Mu Feichi anyway.

Are you confident that you can convince Father to give up on all his years of planning Or are you confident that you can make Mu Feichi listen to you obediently If you cant do both, then you should stop thinking about it.”

Qi Yichens reminder drained all of Qi Siyus energy.

She could not do any of these things.

Her fathers stand was impossible to move, and neither was she confident about moving Mu Feichi.

“The three noble families have been at odds with my fathers faction for many years, and the military, political, and commercial worlds have already formed an independent alliance.

They each have their own interests.

Even if Mu Feichi doesnt love women or the country and would give up everything for you, what about those who stand on his side and support him Are they also willing to give up their interests for a woman like you Youre from the Qi family, so you should know very well that there are countless connections and liabilities here.

In these past few years, Jingdu has been calm on the surface, but undercurrents are surging.

Even Mu Feichi cant balance the situation, let alone you”

At the mention of this, Qi Yichen could not help but smile.

He seemed to have thought of something, and there was a hint of interest in his deep eyes.

“However, the interesting thing is that the introduction of that girl broke the balance of power of Jingdu.

She schemed step by step and started with the Han family.

She is indeed brilliant.

She did what Mu Feichi wanted to do but could not do.

Think about it carefully.

If Mu Feichi also supports you, will you use the opportunity to be chummy with him or help him achieve his wishes At the socialite ball, he has already clearly told all the women who have their eyes on him that he, Mu Feichi, does not want a cute and gentle Mrs.

Mu, but a wife who can go onto the battlefield with him.

Think about the differences here!”

Qi Yichen sighed and stood up.

Some of his words were too clear and indirectly reminded him that Mu Feichi had gotten a woman that made all the other men jealous.

Not only was she smart, but she was also scheming and had many tricks up her sleeves.

This made him even more curious about this girl.

If he were to really compare her with his sister, other than her young age, that girls schemes and wit were truly not inferior to Qi Siyus.

Not wanting to say more, he turned around, took his car keys from the cabinet, and went out.

Just as he walked to the entrance, he heard Qi Siyus voice coming from behind him.

“Yichen, do you still hate me and Father for breaking up you and Chu Jun back in the day”

His cruel and cold reminders had made her feel like he was not helping her, but adding insult to injury.

Qi Yichen suddenly stopped in his tracks.

With his back facing Qi Siyu, he lowered his eyes and smiled teasingly.

“Ive long forgotten about the past.

Youre my sister, and just like how you did what you did for my own good, Im doing the same.

If you refuse to realize your mistakes and continue lusting after Mu Feichi, I cant do anything about it.”

“Young Commander is different from Chu Jun.

That woman only got close to you for your money.

She didnt care about you at all.”

“In that case, how is she different from Mu Feichi”

Qi Siyu was rendered speechless by his words.

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