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Chapter 146: A Fellow Passenger

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Because, after all, Yun Xi was the neglected daughter, Yun Yuanfeng forgot about the parent meeting on Monday afternoon.

Liang Xiuqin was happy to attend the parent meeting for Liang Xinyi, and she woke up early Monday morning to get dressed in an expensive suit.

She also deliberately told Liang Xinyi in front of Yun Xi that she would definitely be at school to attend her parent meeting that afternoon.

Yun Yuanfeng was just heading downstairs, and, hearing what Liang Xiuqin had said and remembering that he had a meeting in the afternoon, he told Liang Xiuqin to go to Yun Xis meeting in his place.

Yun Xi glanced at her mother, but it was obvious that her mother wasnt going to treat her as a priority.

She treated Liang Xinyi more like her daughter instead.

Liang Xinyi glowered at Yun Xi triumphantly, as if she had won something, and raised her chin haughtily.

Yun Xi smiled nonchalantly, then packed up her books and went out.

Her mother was obviously using Liang Xinyi to try and cause trouble for Yun Xi, and the fact that Liang Xinyi could be so smug when she was simply being manipulated by Liang Xiuqin was mind-boggling.

However, her mother would soon enough find out that Liang Xinyi not only wouldnt bring her any glory and wealth, but could also be the driving force behind her downfall.

Liang Xinyi and Yun Chuhan rode in her fathers car to school, but how about her, the genuine daughter

She had to take the bus from the villa complex to school.

This bus was specially for taking kids from the villa complex to school.

The villa complex was its first stop, and the school was the last stop.

However, most of the students who lived in the villa complex were transported by car, and often she was the only one in the entire bus, and she enjoyed it.

During the 40-minute drive, she could do more of her reading homework.

It was much more relaxing than sitting in the middle between Liang Xinyi and Yun Chuhan and being on vigilant watch in case they tried to stab her in the back.

However, there was someone unexpected on the bus today.

As soon as Yun Xi got on the bus, she saw that there was someone else there, and it was someone who she had never seen before.

However, his face looked a little unsightly, and it was covered with colorful bruises.

The man leaned against the window with his long legs covering two seats.

He was resting with his eyes closed.

Yun Xi couldnt help but look him up and down.

He had one black eye, smeared blood on his forehead, cracked and swollen lips, and blood that still looked wet on his knuckles.

From his appearance, it seemed as if he had just been beaten up or he had been fighting with others.

Most of the children in the villa complex were from wealthy families, and children from the outside dared not easily provoke them.

Having been injured so badly, he had probably been beaten up by someones father.

How much trouble had he gotten into to have been beaten up so badly

Yun Xi walked up to him and sat down.

She glanced at him and said, “Your hand is still bleeding, and the wound will become infected if it is left untreated.”

Upon hearing her voice, he slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were cold and piercing and revealed the kingly aura of a person in power.

His gaze fell on this girl who was talking to him, and she felt a chill.

He simply gave her a glance and then closed his eyes once again as if he hadnt seen her at all.

His attitude was arrogant and impatient.

Yun Xi raised her eyebrows in surprise and then, in the spirit of a doctor, she took out gauze, medicine, and disinfectant.

As soon as the gauze with disinfectant touched the back of his hand, the man opened his eyes and thrust out his fist in a punching gesture.

Yun Xi took a quick step back and sat on the seat behind him.

She caught his fist and clasped his knuckles.

The man seemed to be astonished at the speed of her reaction.

Seeing her small tender hand clasp the back of his bruised hand, his other hand started to try to punch her again as a reflex, but he stopped at the last second.

Supported by the back of the seat, Yun Xi firmly tugged at his elbow and pressed the gauze soaked with disinfectant down on the back of his hand.

There was a seat between them, and he ended up sitting still.

With his dark gloomy eyes, he stared at the stubborn, nosy girl in front of him.

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