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Yun Xi received many calls congratulating her during the entire day.

There were calls from her classmates, friends, relatives, Old Master Jiang, Madame Chen, and so on.

Her hands had become weak from answering the calls.

At one point, Gu Baifan had entered, carrying a stack of documents up to Tianyu Mountain.

Hed pointed at the documents that hed put on the coffee table and explained to her, “These are all invitations for you to host charity auctions or to prepare for charity funds.

Ive selected a few reputable families for you to have a look at.

Also, next week will be the charity auction that you will host as the top socialite.

Here are the details of the auction house and auction items.

Im still recording the items that the noble families and other prestigious families are auctioning off.

Ill send the list to you in two days…”

Before Gu Baifan could finish, he saw that his young master wasnt looking too good.

He did not know if it was because he was intruding or if he had come at the wrong time, so he shut his mouth obediently.

He suddenly remembered that this girl had been injured last night.

Since he had come up the mountain with work for her today, he was really…making her life difficult.

Mu Three-Years-Old was so protective of his beloved darling.

Even if the sky collapsed, it would not be as important as his darling.

Why did he choose such a time to break this news to her

Gu Baifan really felt like slapping himself in the face to teach himself a lesson.

His face stiffened, but he did not dare to squeeze out a smile in front of his young master.

“You can take your time.

Theres no hurry.

I still have something else to do, so Ill leave now.”

“Hey, dont be in such a hurry to leave.

I still have something I need your help with.” Yun Xi glanced at the documents on the coffee table and suddenly raised her head.

“You have to help me make all the decisions about the charity auction Ill be hosting as the top socialite.

The venue, hotel, and invitation cards… I cant handle all this alone.”

“You dont have to busy yourself with this now.

Ive already made arrangements.

When the time comes, you and the Young Commander can just show up and make an appearance.”

For her to have to personally instruct him on how to handle such a small matter, his young master would probably kill him.

“So thats how it goes.

Thank you for your hard work.” Yun Xi reached out and flipped through the information about the charity auction that she would be hosting.

She glanced at the hotels address.

“Please send an invitation to this auction to Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin.

As for the rest, do as you deem fit.”

There was a banquet after the auction.

Since there had been no news from the Han family and Liang Xinyi, she would create an opportunity for her to strike.

It was better to take the initiative than to wait passively.

“Okay, I got it.” Gu Baifan paused and looked up at Mu Three-Years-Old, who was sitting on the sofa.

“Young Master, Madame couldnt get through to you, so she asked me to ask when Si Wenxuan would be released from house arrest.

Shes been grounded in the Presidents official residence for more than a month.

Now that shes missed the socialite ball, you should be appeased, right”

In order to allow Yun Xi to attend the ball safely and to prevent anything from happening to Si Wenxuan, Mu Feichi had made up an excuse so that Madame would lock Si Wenxuan up.

He wanted her to miss the socialite ball so that she wouldnt embarrass the President.

He also did not want her to be implicated or put in danger because of him.

This time, he had set up a trap to catch Crocodile.

He had not succeeded, and he had also put Yun Xi and himself in danger.

He was happy that he had not let Si Wenxuan out.

Otherwise, with her arrogant and ignorant personality, she could definitely have dragged him down.

Mu Feichi raised his eyebrows and waved his hand.

“Got it.

Ill explain to Madame.”

As soon as Gu Baifan had left, Yun Xi kicked Mu Feichi.

Her soft furry slippers tickled his ankles, causing him to give her a flirtatious look.

“Babe, why are you flirting with me under the table”

Yun Xi got goosebumps from his stare.

She shivered and moved out of his way, but she was pulled back by Mu Feichi the moment she moved.

OW,OW,OW! “Dont do anything stupid.

Im not fully recovered yet!”

“Then why did you provoke me”

Didnt she know that a mans endurance would be greatly affected after he had had sex

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