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Once the marriage between the Han and Su families had been confirmed, the Su family exploded.

Regardless of whether Liang Xinyi, the party concerned, agreed or not, when the elders of the Su family heard that she was going to marry into the Han family, they all unanimously objected.

Because of this, the elders who were gathered at the Su familys mansion were arguing nonstop.

Su Donglin and Su Ximan, who had brought up this matter, felt like bystanders.

The siblings sat on the sofa with blank expressions, watching the seniors in the living room arguing over it.

Their relaxed attitudes made it seem as if it did not matter at all.

As Liang Xinyis mother, Chen Lixue was very happy to have a marriage alliance with the Han family.

After all, the Han family was a wealthy family.

The news of Liang Xinyi and the second young master of the Han family spread like wildfire in Jingdu, so it was unlikely that she would ever be able to marry into a more prestigious family.

Now that this opportunity had presented itself, she should probably grab it because she might not be able to find another one after this.

However, Liang Xinyis reaction was completely out of control.

She refused to accept this marriage no matter what.

Early this morning, the elders of the Su family had gathered at the mansion.

From the looks of it, Chen Lixue had already guessed that they would not agree to the marriage.

She did not expect that it would go according to her wishes.

Liang Xinyi sat obediently on the sidelines, waiting for them to come to a conclusion.

Her mother had married into the Su family.

Although she was living the life of a wealthy woman, her two daughters had not benefited at all.

Now that her marriage was in the hands of the Su family, Liang Xinyi suddenly felt the irony and powerlessness.

The Su family did not treat her as one of their own.

Now, some of them even wanted to use her for a marriage alliance with the Han family.

They could dream on!

She could not understand it.

She could not obtain what she wanted even after trying so hard, but what about Yun Xi, that jinx She did not need to do anything, pay anything, yet she obtained everything that all the women in Jingdu had dreamed of.

Why Why was life so unfair to her

Since shed been a little girl, she had stepped on the head of this jinx in the Liang family.

She could have had anything she wanted.

Everything she had was something that made Yun Xi, an abandoned child that no one wanted, jealous and envious.

However, everything had changed after she returned to Jingdu.

Everything that should have belonged to her, whether it was the man she liked or the status she dreamed of, had all been snatched away by this wretched girl.

Now that Yun Xi had become the top socialite, Liang Xinyi was going to be used as a chess piece in this marriage alliance.

Why She could not accept this.

Su Ximan glanced at the noisy elders, took her coffee cup and a spoon from the table, and knocked on it a few times.

The noisy living room fell silent.

“Uncles, stop it! The one getting married now is not you guys, its her.

Who cares if you dont agree Maybe she really wants to marry into the Han family.

After all, everyone in Jingdu knows about her scandal with Han Zhongteng.

With her current reputation, do you still expect her to marry someone else”

Su Ximan had never liked Liang Xinyi, and she had never allowed her to take any advantage of this family.

She had always been a proud woman who had made Liang Xinyi green with envy, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Su Ximan was the rightful heiress, while she was just a burden that had tagged along with her mothers marriage.

As soon as Su Ximan spoke, Liang Xinyi could not keep quiet a moment longer.

“Second Young Mistress, I dont want to marry Han Zhongteng.

I will not agree to this marriage.”

Liang Xinyi thought that her firm attitude might be able to convince the other elders to unanimously oppose this marriage, but she forgot that the one who would decide her fate was Su Donglin, the family head, and not these elders.

They did not care about the fate of an outsider like her at all.

In a big family like theirs, benefits were always the priority.

If they objected now, it would be the loss of the alliance with the Han family.

This marriage alliance would definitely implicate the Su family in the Han familys dealings.

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