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In a large family, every decision made was for the benefit of the family.

Even if it was a marriage, one had to consider the interests of the family first.

Liang Xinyis attitude was firm.

She looked expectantly at the elders who had reacted strongly against the marriage before.

However, she did not expect that once Su Ximan had spoken, these elders who had reacted strongly before just now would all shut up.

“Liang Xinyi, with your ruined reputation, who do you think you can marry in a place like Jingdu where everyone has always been concerned about reputation and character Its already a great favor that the Han family doesnt care about your background and allows you to marry into their family.

Otherwise, because you seduced Han Zhongteng and ruined his reputation at such a young age, causing the Han family to lose face, the Han family has thousands of ways to make your life in Jingdu a living hell.

Dont look a gift horse in the mouth.”

Being humiliated by Su Ximan in front of so many people, Liang Xinyis face alternated between shades of green and white.

She gripped the hand that was inside her jacket tightly.

It took her a lot of effort to hold back her anger and the urge to rush up and slap Su Ximan.

After a long while, she finally squeezed out a sentence stiffly.

“The Han family has been defeated now, and they offended the Young Commander and got kicked out of the big four wealthiest families.

If we were to form a marriage alliance with them, what would happen to the Su family”

This was what she had heard from the elders arguments.

This was the only excuse she could think of to reject this marriage.

She had a plan, but Su Ximans reaction was faster.

She stopped her with one sentence.

“A starving camel is still bigger than a horse.

Furthermore, it is not impossible for the Han family to rise again.

With the family head around, there is no need for you to worry.”

“Dont you know what kind of person Han Zhongteng is If anything happens in the future, the Su family will be humiliated.”

“You dont have to worry about that.

Your reputation is not that big.

If Han Zhongteng does something out of line, he will only embarrass the Han family.

Your identity will not pose any threat to the Su family.”

The meaning behind her words was clear.

It was obvious that she was telling Liang Xinyi that she was just an outsider.

No matter what embarrassing things she might be involved in, her position and status wouldnt be associated with humiliating the Su family.

She should not think too highly of herself.

How could Liang Xinyi not understand the meaning behind Su Ximans words It was precisely because she understood that she was even more upset.

How she hated these snobbish people.

“Since Im nothing in the Su family, then what right do you have to control my marriage Im not a member of the Su family, so why dont you go and fulfill the marriage alliance yourself What right do you have to control me”

In the end, Liang Xinyi could not control her temper.

In a fit of anger, she shouted at Su Ximan.

Instantly, the entire living room fell silent.

Chen Lixue was shocked by Liang Xinyis words.

She hurriedly pulled at her arm and said anxiously, “You wretched girl, what nonsense are you spouting”

Su Ximans status in the family was second only to Su Donglins, and even Chen Lixue did not dare to offend her easily.

But Liang Xinyi, on the other hand, had shouted at Su Ximan.

How could Chen Lixue stay in the Su family after this outburst

“Mom! The Su family does not treat us as a part of the family, nor do they give us any benefits.

Now that they see that we are of use, they want to push me into marriage.


This was what Liang Xinyi had always been most dissatisfied about.

From the beginning to the end, the Su family had treated them as outsiders and had never given them any benefits.

Now, they wanted to use her to gain benefits.


If she had known that this would happen when her mother married into the Su family, she would not have tried to take advantage of it.

What identity did she have as a young mistress of the Su family What wealth and prestige did she get It was all a joke.

Other people only recognized Su Ximan as the young mistress of the Su family.

But she, Liang Xinyi, was nothing.

Su Ximan sneered and stared sharply at Liang Xinyis unhappy face.

“If were talking about benefits, Liang Xinyi, do you really think you havent gotten any benefits”

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