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During the few days Yun Xi spent recuperating on Tianyu Mountain, she would wake up in Mu Feichis arms every morning.

At night, the effects of the anti-inflammatory drip were so heavy that she did not even know how she fell asleep.

When she woke up, the sky was already bright.

Finally, there was no need for the IV drip anymore.

Her body had started to return to normal.

However, this morning, she did not wake up from her alarm.

Instead, she was woken up by the man behind her, who was poking her with his hard desire.

She had slept late a few days ago, and when she woke up, Mu Feichi had already taken a shower.

Today, she could clearly feel the desire of the man behind her.

She was wearing a silk nightdress, and the silk fabric was like a second layer of skin against her body.

Right now, she was curled up in his embrace with her back facing him.

At such a close distance, it was both flirtatious and seductive.

But his poking her made her want to retreat and hide in her shell like a turtle.

The man opened his eyes when he felt her moving around.

He inadvertently meowed at her reddened ears and leaned over to kiss her a few times to satisfy his hunger.

“Youre awake” His deep voice was slightly hoarse from having just woken up, but it was exceptionally gentle and seductive at the same time.

Yun Xis body tensed up, not daring to move at all.

She clenched her teeth and tightly closed her eyes.

“I am asleep!”

Mu Feichi chuckled and lowered his head to avoid the wound on her shoulder.

He buried his head on her smooth back and nibbled on it a few times.

“Youre not awake If youre not awake, why are you trembling”

Why was she trembling In this situation, what else could she do besides tremble

“Mu…Mu Feichi, dont do anything rash.” A large hand moved from her back to her waist.

She opened her eyes immediately, and she was so nervous that she felt practically incoherent.

Even though it was not her first time, she felt strangely nervous in broad daylight.

“Babe, do you know what I want to do” Mu Feichi hugged her waist and pulled her closer to him.

Yun Xi was struggling slightly against him, but she immediately stopped moving.

Mu Feichi lowered his eyes and looked at the stiff and trembling softness in his arms.

His desire for her early in the morning had been aroused by her unconsciously.

Initially, he did not want to do anything to her.

Hed just wanted to tease her.

However, this girls awkward reaction made him lose control.

The woman he loved was in his arms right now, so he wanted to raise his gun and go into battle, especially since he had just tasted her beauty.

His self-control was not as good as it had been before.

Now that he had this beauty in his arms, he regretted that he could not hold back.

“Babe, what should I do I cant control myself anymore!”

“Mu Feichi, I am a patient.” Yun Xi reminded him through clenched teeth.

HMMM… “Its because youre injured that I dont dare to do anything to you…”

Mu Feichi kissed and nibbled on her neck helplessly.

His aggrieved tone sounded like she had just bullied him.

The girl, who was so embarrassed that she wished she could dig a hole and crawl into it, was amused by his trick of self-inflicted pain.

She turned around to face him with an expression that looked confused about whether to laugh or cry, and her neck stiffened as she looked at the man behind her.

“Serves you right! Who asked you to go into heat so early in the morning I didnt provoke you.”

“Babe, Im a normal man.

This is not something I can control.”

“But Im a patient now, and I cant help you.”

“Thats not true…” Mu Feichi half-smiled and moved closer to her, his eyes deep and tender.

The large hand on her waist grabbed her other uninjured wrist.

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