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The sun had only come out for a short while before it started to snow again.

Even though Mu Mansion was only a few miles away from the residential compound where the Yun family lived, Mu Feichi still insisted on taking Yun Xi there.

Before the car even stopped by the gate, Yun Xi noticed that Yun Chuhan was waiting for her.

Yun Xi guessed that her sister had learned that she would be returning that day and was waiting for her.

Perhaps Yun Chuhan still had not given up on Mu Feichi, or perhaps she had something she wanted to tell Yun Xi.

After the recent kidnapping incident, Yun Xi thought that her sister would have at least learned a thing or two, but Yun Chuhan was still as relentless as ever.

Mu Feichi also noticed Yun Chuhan standing by the gate.

He patted Yun Xis head and said, “Go on.

Call me if you need anything.

Ill wait somewhere nearby.”

Yun Xi nodded.

“Dont worry.

This is just a small matter.”

She then pushed the door open.

The moment she stepped out, Yun Chuhan ran up to her.

However, before her younger sister could see the man sitting inside the car, the door was closed with a loud bang.

“Yun Xi…” Yun Chuhan wasnt going to give up just yet.

She leaned to the side to peek at the car, only to find that the tinted windows had completely blocked the view of the man who she had always yearned for.

When she turned back to look at Yun Xi, she realized that her older sister was glaring at her, and it sent a shiver down her spine.

“What are you doing out here on such a cold day” Looking at Yun Chuhans pink jacket that Yun Ziling had thrown away, Yun Xi could tell that her sister had dressed up just to impress Mu Feichi.

“I…I…” Yun Chuhan stammered, “Its snowing, so Dad asked me to bring you an umbrella.”

Yun Xi scoffed, knowing that Yun Chuhan was just making an excuse.

However, she did not expose her sisters intentions and smiled.

“Its fine.

Its not that far anyway.”

She didnt walk into the compound until she heard the car behind her leave.

Yun Chuhan gripped the umbrella tightly as she watched the car leave as well.

She had been standing in the cold for more than half an hour, but she didnt even get to see Mu Feichi.

The younger sister cursed at Yun Xi for not helping her get a look even though the older sister knew that she had feelings for the Young Commander.

Yun Chuhan stomped the ground, shaking the snow off her head and jacket.

She then turned around, only to realize that Yun Xi was already a few yards away from her.

“Yun Xi, wait for me,” she shouted as she chased after her sister.

As Yun Chuhan jogged back, Yun Xi had already entered the garden.

Yun Yuanfeng and Yao Ying were both waiting for Yun Xis return at the front door.

“Yun Xi! Youre back!” Yun Yuanfeng exclaimed the moment he saw his eldest daughter entering through the gate.

He ran out into the snow, unable to hide the excitement and pride in his eyes for his daughter.

Compared to winning a couple of international awards, having his daughter crowned as the first-class socialite would benefit him more in the long run.

Noticing that Yun Xi was covered in snow, Yun Yuanfeng turned to Yun Chuhan, who was chasing after Yun Xi, and scolded her, “Didnt I order you to take an umbrella for your sister Why is she coming back with snow on her head What if she gets a cold”

Yun Chuhan pouted as she hadnt done anything wrong.

She glared angrily at Yun Xi for being the cause of her being scolded by their father.

Yet she didnt have the guts to argue back and could only endure the frustration building up in her.

“Dad, dont blame her.

Im the one who decided to walk back without the umbrella.

Lets head inside.” Yun Xi glanced at Yun Chuhan before avoiding Yun Yuanfengs hug as she walked toward the door.

“Second Aunt, how are you Ive really missed your red bean water chestnut cake.”

“I knew it.

Ive already prepared a large one this morning just for you.”

“Yay! You are the best!” Yun Xi exclaimed.

As she walked into the house with Yao Ying, she noticed that her grandfather was sitting on the couch.

Next to him stood her second uncle and her third uncle and aunt whom she rarely saw.

It seemed that everyone had gathered to toast her success.

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