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After the President had indicated that the first-class socialite was to be involved mainly in charitable causes, it boosted the holder of that title to a high status.

It was a title that gave its holder a higher status than being born into a prestigious family, and it was something that someone from a seemingly normal family could obtain.

With the President backing the first-class socialite, her social circle and connections would expand.

There was no need for her to do anything for sponsors and charitable foundations to seek her out with the utmost respect.

Mu Feichis declaration at the socialite ball was an announcement to the whole world that the newly chosen first-class socialite was his woman.

In the past, it would have been virtually impossible for the Yun family to be acquainted with the Young Commander.

However, after he had made it known that Yun Xi and he were in a close relationship, everything changed for the family.

Nothing seemed impossible for them anymore.

Yun Xi being the first-class socialite and the Young Commanders woman could bring the Yun family more benefits than one could imagine, especially for Yun Yuanfeng, who was always looking for a chance to climb even higher.

There was no way that he would not use his daughter to achieve that.

“Grandpa, Im home.” Yun Xi greeted her grandfather and other relatives before turning to look at her father who had a big smile on his face.

“Dad, did you want me to come back because of the first-class socialite thing”

Yun Yuanfeng nodded as he tried to hide his excitement.

He quickly turned to his father sitting next to him, signaling for the eldest person in the room to speak first.

It was a matter that had brought honor to their family.

The whole area, and even all of Jingdu, had learned of the news.

When the family moved about, people looked at them with a newfound respect.

Having a first-class socialite as a daughter had brought Yun Yuanfeng a lot of pride, to the point where he felt as if he could carry a mountain by himself.

And that was not even the most important thing.

What mattered even more was that the Young Commander had his eyes on Yun Xi.

In the past, no achievement would ever have been able to bring the Yun family close to the prestigious Mu family or the famous Young Commander.

And yet, now they had managed to do that.

If Yun Xi were to marry Mu Feichi in the future, it wouldnt be long before Yun Yuanfeng could reap the benefit of that too.

Grandfather Yun glanced at Yun Yuanfeng for a second before shifting his cane a little.

“Yun Xi, Im really happy that you have won the title of first-class socialite.

This is the biggest achievement the Yun family has had for a long time.

Youve brought us a lot of pride and honor.

Come, tell me, is there anything you want Ill do my best to fulfill any of your wishes.”

Perhaps because Yun Xis grandfather was overwhelmingly excited by the fact that she had brought pride to the family that was infamous for coming in last in terms of achievements among the residences, he was willing to give her anything she wanted.

Yun Xi smiled as she had already thought of what she wanted to ask from her grandfather when she was on her way home.

Since her grandfather had brought the topic up, she decided to make use of this rare chance and get back the thing that had belonged to her, even if the thing wasnt important to her anymore.

“Thank you.

I was able to win the title because of our ancestors blessings.

She didnt thank the Yun family for bringing her up the way she had been, living all her childhood in the countryside and never gaining anything from the family.

The only thing the family had ever given her was her surname.

“Now that Mom is in prison and Dad has already divorced her, Im pretty sure she wont return for a very long time.

Uncles body has been weak for years, and he has finally recovered.

He should take this time and live a leisurely life with his family.

Im an adult now and the eldest among my generation, and Dad is still busy with his work.

As his daughter, its natural for me to want to help him in any way possible.

That is my responsibility as a daughter and the eldest sibling.

Grandpa, why dont you leave the family to me at this point so that Aunt can take it easy from now on”

Ever since shed gotten back from Muyang, the first thing on her mind had always been regaining her right of succession of the Yun family.

She knew that she had to do that before Yun Yuanfeng married another woman and before her stepmother took control of the family.

If she waited until she had a stepmother, then her life would be a tragedy.

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