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The time for the charity auction that was to be hosted by the first-class socialite soon arrived.

Yun Xi had to be present despite her wound to make sure that everything went well.

The auction was going to be held at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

Gu Baifan was the one who had narrowed down which charitable foundations and auction houses would be participating in the event.

Yun Xi had never once worried that Gu Baifan would fail at the task he was given.

The items that were going to be auctioned off were all stored in the hotels vault with a three-layer security system.

Because of the auction, the hotel was not accepting any guests for two days prior to the event.

The hotel had put up notices at their main entrance to remind people of the event, but of course there were still those who caused a scene.

When Yun Xi and Mu Feichi arrived at the hotel a day before the auction, they noticed Jiang Yuwen arguing with the guards before they had even gotten out of the car.

The guards were stopping Jiang Yuwen from entering the hotel because they werent accepting any guests until the event was over.

Jiang Yuwen had tried to spoil Yun Xis goal of becoming the first-class socialite, and yet Yun Xi had been able to succeed with the Jiang family supporting her.

It had basically been a slap in the face for Jiang Yuwen, and with her personality she just couldnt let it slide.

Despite being slapped by Jiang Yuwen, the guard remained diligent and stopped her from entering the premises.

The guards posted outside the hotel had all been hired by Gu Baifan, while the others who were guarding the vault were Mu Feichis people.

Even so, Yun Xi could not hold in her anger when she saw the guard getting slapped for doing his duty.

“Is Jiang Yuwen stupid or what How did the Jiang family even produce such a selfish person Are you sure she wasnt adopted” Yun Xi asked Mu Feichi.

“Well, thats why the one leading the Jiang family is not her, who was actually the heir.” Mu Feichi lazily moved his eyes away from the blueprint of the hotel.

“Jiang Yuwen is the daughter of Jiang Chenghuans eldest uncles second wife.

Do you think a b*stard daughter like her would be a decent person”

“Still, shes from the Jiang family.

Shouldnt she at least be a dignified person since they are one of the oldest families Whats wrong with people recently Look at Jiang Yuwen and Han Wanling! They act like they are uneducated.”

“And thats why we need you to change the current situation of Jingdu.

All the prestigious families are lacking manners and education nowadays, and its time we set some new rules.

Ive been fighting in wars for the past few years and rarely cared about what happened to the Mu family and Jiingdu, but now that youve broken the balance of power, we have to solve all the problems that need to be solved.”

Since Mu Feichi had vowed to stand with Yun Xi and to be her shield, he had to face all the problems that were present in Jingdu that he had once avoided.

Yun Xi understood what he was saying, and it made her realize that she might have caused a huge problem.

She had broken the long-lasting balance of power in Jingdu for her revenge.

Thus, she had to set a new set of rules, and it was going to be a long and hard journey.

She turned around and studied the Young Commander.

“You dont blame me for causing such a huge problem, right” she asked.

Mu Feichi folded the blueprint in his hands and gently looked at the face of his woman.

It was as if she was ready to be scolded by him, but there was no sign of regret in her eyes.

He couldnt help but find her current expression cute.

“Youve done what I dreamed of doing but never did.

I will stand by your side and shoulder the problems with you.”

That was what Yun Xi wanted to hear from this man.

She didnt want him to protect her and shoulder everything himself.

What she wanted was for them to fight the battle together, and that was what she had been doing her best to achieve.

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