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Mu Feichi glanced at Jiang Yuwen, who was still arguing at the entrance.

With a smirk, he took his phone out and dialed Jiang Chenghuans number before shoving the phone to Yun Xi.

Yun Xi was stunned for a second, but still took the phone.

“Hello” Jiang Chenghuans voice came from the phone.

“Hi, its me.

Jiang Yuwen is making a scene at the Jingdu Grand Hotel.

Do you want to handle it, or do you want to leave it to me Thought I might embarrass the Jiang family if I confronted her,” Yun Xi said, knowing very well that she would not hold back if she had to stop Jiang Yuwen.

Jiang Chenghuan thought of letting Yun Xi handle the matter at first, but he then recalled that the call he had gotten was from Mu Feichis phone.

“Im nearby.

Ill head over there right away,” he quickly said.

It wasnt as if Jiang Chenghuan was worried that Mu Feichi might take things to an extreme, but he was worried that his uncle might use that as an excuse to target the Mu family.

It would foil his plan of making an example out of his uncle.

A couple of minutes later, a black convertible sports car charged up to the hotel.

Before Yun Xi could even see who was driving the car, it was already a few feet away from hitting Jiang Yuwen.

The sports car was going fast, and the driver did not show any signs of slowing down.

Yun Xis eyes widened as she grabbed Mu Feichis wrist.

Mu Feichi only glanced at the car that was charging toward Jiang Yuwen before he turned back to Yun Xi and patted the back of her hand.

The two guards that were posted outside noticed the car and quickly leaped to the side.

However, Jiang Yuwen reacted slowly to the roaring sound of the engine.

She yelped when she turned, only to see a car that had almost hit her.

Unfortunately for her, she was standing on a red carpet, and it was hard for her to move in her high heels.

She stumbled and fell.

Just a couple of feet away from hitting Jiang Yuwen, the driver suddenly hit the brakes.

The sports car still moved forward a little because of the sudden change in velocity and managed to stop just inches away from her.

Jiang Yuwen, who was now sitting on the ground, looked at the bumper that was in front of her eyes with her face completely pale.

A chill ran down her spine as she realized how close she had been to being run over by the car.

Yun Xi finally let out a sigh of relief when the car stopped.

She never thought that Jiang Chenghuan would go so crazy when he was furious.

Jiang Chenghuan was well-known throughout Jingdu as a person who hid behind his smile.

Most of the time, he would act like a playboy, but when he got angry, people would come to know how terrifying it was to oppose the head of the Jiang family.

“Look, nothing happened, right Jiang Chenghuan is a talented driver.

Hes always been a champion on the underground racing scene.

Heck, hes so good that I wouldnt even challenge him to a race.

However, he kind of backed out of the racing scene once he became the head of the family.”

“I see… That was scary though…” Even though Yun Xi knew that Jiang Chenghuan wasnt really trying to run over Jiang Yuwen, the cars velocity had still been terrifying.

Jiang Chenghuan got out of his car and slammed the door.

He stood over Jiang Yuwen, who was shaking in fear, and coldly stared into her eyes.

“Jiang Yuwen… Trying to make a scene, are we Why dont you let me join you Lets make the headlines tomorrow.” Jiang Chenghuans voice was so cold that the winter wind felt warm in comparison.

Jiang Yuwen struggled to find her voice and raised her head to look at the man who had just arrived.

She bit her lips and tears filled her eyes.


What do you think you are doing Were you trying to kill me”

She had never seen Jiang Chenghuan with such a scary expression.

She had always thought of him as a younger cousin who only knew how to have fun and had never once treated him as the head of the family.

But that changed the moment she met his eerie gaze.

“You sure have some guts, huh The auction is happening here tomorrow, and powerful people from all over the world are gathering at this hotel.

What Are you trying to make the headlines tomorrow by causing a scene here”

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