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Gu Baifan immediately got up when he saw Yun Xi and Mu Feichi walking in and proceeded to stand next to the latter.


Xiao, this is the host of the charity auction and this years first-class socialite, Ms.

Yun Xi,” Gu Baifan introduced her before turning to Yun Xi.

“Yun Xi, this is Mr.

Xiao Jinglin.”

After the introduction, Yun Xi looked at the man who had just gotten up from the couch.

He was tall and wore a black suit.

Inside his chest pocket was a pocket square that was a darker shade than his necktie.

Overall, the man looked elegant but subtle at the same time.

When Yun Xi met the mans eyes, she could see the coldness and sharpness there of this man who was around the same age as her father.

However, unlike other people of that age, the mans expression was softer.

Yun Xi had always been good at reading character, and she could tell that not only did the man move and act like a businessman, but also like a person who came from a prestigious family.

He had the qualities and virtues that Mu Feichi had as well.

The vibe that he gave off provoked respect from other people.

Yun Xi suddenly recalled the name and her eyes widened, unable to hide the surprise on her face.

In her past life, when the Han Corporation had been on the verge of bankruptcy, she had brought a team with her to a foreign country to refinance the company.

On the day that she arrived at the hotel, it was attacked by a suicide bomber.

Half of the hotel had been engulfed in flames after an extremely loud explosion that had been followed by screams and sirens.

Yun Xi and her assistant had been trapped on the balcony of their room on the third floor.

There were terrorists firing guns and setting off explosives below them.

The fire had already reached the second floor, and everyone was busy running for their lives.

Her room was quickly surrounded by fire, and there was no way for her to escape.

Just as shed thought that her life was going to end, the door of the balcony next to them had suddenly been thrown open and a man had entered.

He had a makeshift rope made out of sheets in his hands, and he threw it to Yun Xi and her assistant.

With the help of this man, they had been able to lower themselves down to the ground floor.

Yun Xi had never known who her savior was until one day when she was watching a recording of the International Economic Organizations meeting, and she saw the same man being introduced.

It was only then that shed learned that he was the head of the Xiao family, the largest and most powerful Asian family in the Middle East.

The Xiao family was not only one of the largest families in the Middle East, but actually in the whole world.

They had dealings in military, political, and business circles, and rumor had it that they even had control over a few special channels.

As the head of the Xiao family, even Country M could not interfere with Xiao Jinglins decisions.

Even if there were conflicting interests between Xiao Jinglin and Country M, the latter would have to come to terms with the former because they were terrified of this family who had investments in oil and weapons manufacturing.

The Xiao family was the real deal, a family so big and successful that even the three noble clans of Jingdu could not lift a finger against them.

Not only that, Xiao Weijun, who was also from the Xiao family, had become the First Lady of Jun Country, elevating the Xiao family to a position which no other families could ever reach.

Yun Xi was both surprised and shocked that she would suddenly meet Xiao Jinglin again.

As she hadnt been able to repay her debt in her past life, she knew that she would have to return that debt in this current one.

While Yun Xi quietly studied the man, Xiao Jinglin was studying her as well.

He found her face and eyes familiar.

This lady had a pair of clear eyes and perfect pale but healthy skin.

She wore a pink jacket with a traditional Chinese design that hugged her waist and had embroidery around the collar.

The jacket paired with her beautiful face perfectly.

To him, Yun Xi represented a lady who had just become an adult.

She was seductive yet elegant and dignified.

Compared to the daughter of the Prime Minister, Xiao Jinglin found Yun Xi much more interesting.

He had also noticed that in her eyes, he could see hints of calm and toughness that someone of her age shouldnt have.

But when he moved his gaze away from her eyes to her face, he couldnt read her expression.

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