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Inside the almost empty hall, Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglin sat next to each other as they watched the person making sure that the last details of the auction were perfect walking around on the stage.

As the heater was on in the hall, the warm air made her take her jacket off, revealing a light purple sweater and a long gauzy skirt beneath.

Her slender body moved about the stage as elegantly as a quiet moon.

It was as if the world around her had become gentler because of her.

Mu Feichi smiled as he watched her.

His usual sharpness and coldness were nowhere to be seen.

Xiao Jinglin studied Mu Feichi for a while, confirming that the rumor he had heard was true.

The Young Commander of Jun Country and the head of the Mu family had really fallen hard for this lady.

The heads of the Xiao family and the Mu family were really close.

Despite their age gap, they were more like brothers than friends.

Ever since Xiao Jinglin had been ambushed when he was attending an economic forum in Jun Country, he hadnt been back for years.

The spirited and vigorous young man who he had once known was now the domineering Young Commander of a country whose actions were resolute.

Xiao Jinglin had to admit that he hadnt even been as good as Mu Feichi when he had been the Young Commanders age.

That was something that the army man had obtained by participating in countless battlefields, making himself feared by enemies both local and abroad.

Mu Feichi was the Jun Countrys War God and its first line of defense.

Xiao Jinglin had met a lot of talented young men and women, but none were as smart or as resourceful as Mu Feichi.

He was the only man who had grown up taking part in war.

Compared to other men from prestigious families, Mu Feichi had an aura of masculinity all around him and was a person who could bear countless responsibilities.

That was why Xiao Jinglin was optimistic about Mu Feichis future.

The only problem that Xiao Jinglin could see was that the lady who would eventually stand by Mu Feichis side had to be someone extraordinary herself too.

Xiao Jinglin could see the tenacity in Yun Xis eyes despite her weak and slender figure.

He could tell that she wasnt someone who could be easily bullied by others.

“I heard that she broke the balance of power in Jingdu and did something youd wanted to do but never did…”

Mu Feichi nodded, not surprised that the man next to him knew all about it.

“She is a natural tactician.

Shes good at making plans and executes them perfectly.

She definitely has the right to become Mrs.


“You two are like fire and water.

To be honest, Im actually intrigued now.”

“Even the cruelest person can become soft when they meet the right person.

I have never regretted my decision.”

Mu Feichi had told the world that Yun Xi was his, and he wasnt planning on letting her leave him.

The Young Commanders words reminded Xiao Jinglin of his past, and the smile disappeared from his face.

“But, if you are interested, I do have a favor to ask of you,” Mu Feichi said.

“Oh What does the Young Commander of Jun Country need from me”

“Didnt you notice how uncomfortable she is with her left arm” Mu Feichi frowned and looked at the lady who was working with one arm.

It was only then that Xiao Jinglin noticed something was off.

Yet, he didnt ask for the reason as he was confident that Mu Feichi would tell him.

“She has a bullet wound on her shoulder.

We got ambushed at the socialite ball and they had guns…lots of heavy weapons.

After a thorough investigation, we have found out that they are connected to an international arms dealer who I recently stumbled upon.

No matter how good my intelligence unit is, there are still things outside of my country that I cant find out in such a short amount of time.

I know you have some connections you can use to look them up, so Ill be in your debt if you could help me.

Im willing to pay any price you ask for.”

Xiao Jinglin immediately understood why Mu Fecihi was so anxious.

The Young Commander would do anything as long as it involved the ladys safety.

Mu Feichi would never have asked for his help if it wasnt for Yun Xi.

“Price” Xiao Jinglin smiled.

“I have what you have, and I also have what you dont.

What can you offer me”

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