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When Mu Feichi and Xiao Jinglin arrived at the Presidents official residence, it had already stopped snowing.

Although the building was covered in snow, it still looked majestic.

The moment Si Wenxuan had heard that Mu Feichi was coming, shed run toward the reception room.

None of the guards dared to stop her and could only follow her.

When the Young Commander announced his relationship with the first-class socialite at the socialite ball, Si Wenxuans dreams had been shattered into pieces, resulting in her throwing a fit.

She even threatened her guards that she would jump off the second floor.

If the First Lady had not arrived in time, the guards wouldve been punished for letting something like that happen.

Being sent to protect the Presidents daughter who kept causing trouble around the Young Commander was a task as tough as going onto battlefields.

The door of the reception room was suddenly flung open.

It hit the wall with a loud bang as Si Wenxuan stomped into the room, interrupting the four people having a conversation inside.

Her sights were only set on Mu Feichi, and she hadnt even noticed that Xiao Jinglin was present.

Si Jingtings expression got as dark as it could get.

Not only did his daughter barge into the room without knocking, but she also had an expression of someone who was about to pick a fight.

There wasnt even a hint of the virtue of patience that a daughter of the President should have.

He couldnt but see himself as a failure because of his daughters personality and behavior.

“Brother Feichi! I see now! Thats why you put me into house arrest and prevented me from attending the socialite ball.

You were afraid that I might have won the title.

Theres no way that the voting panel would not have chosen me.

But, why did you have to choose that b*tch How is she better than me”

Mu Feichi didnt even raise his head to glance at Si Wenxuan.

He stirred his cup a little and nonchalantly replied, “At the very least, she would never say something like you did just now.”

Si Wenxuan glared at Mu Feichi angrily, her sight focused on his long and powerful fingers.

When she raised her head, she saw how he elegantly took a sip of his tea before he met her eyes with a cold stare.

She could feel a shiver run down her spine after that.

“B*tch this, b*tch that… Is that what your etiquette instructor has been teaching you And you think you could win the first-class socialite title with that attitude of yours What Do you think embarrassing yourself in front of your father is not enough but you want to do it in front of the whole nation If I had been a part of the voting panel, I wouldve disqualified you in the first round.”

Si Wenxuan tried to argue, but Mu Feichi cut her short.

“You also barged into the room without knocking and yelled at me.

Who gives you the right to talk to me like that”

The more the Young Commander talked, the more intense his stare and tone became.

He scolded Si Wenxuan without a care that Si Jingting and Xiao Weijun were both present.

Other people might not know why Mu Feichi was so harsh on the young lady, but Xiao Jinglin did.

If Mu Feichi did not think of Si Wenxuan as someone close to him, he would not even bother trying to make them become a better person.

Si Wenxuan was already 18 years old, which made her an adult.

Even though she was the Presidents daughter, she didnt act like one.

If the public were to see this side of her, they would see her as an embarrassment and would think that her parents had failed in their jobs.

As her identity was a special one, she had to be mindful of her actions and the words she spoke.

No matter where she went, she would also represent the President and the First Lady, and even the whole country.

Unfortunately, she had been spoiled from a very young age, and she was going to have to suffer a little to realize her mistake.

“Brother Feichi, I…” Si Wenxuans face had gone completely pale after being scolded.

However, she didnt want to give up, and she stomped her foot, still acting like a spoiled brat.

“Even if Im wrong, how can you fall for her tricks She almost killed my mother the last time she came here.

Shes a scheming…”

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