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“Scheming And how is she a scheming person” Mu Feichi scoffed, but his face was filled with anger.

He put his cup down with a bang and crossed his legs while leaning back on the couch.

His eyes focused on Si Wenxuan, coldly staring into her soul.

People who were close to him knew that the calmer and more relaxed he looked, the angrier he was.

Xiao Weijun immediately got up and pulled Si Wenxuan to her side.

With a frown on her face, the mother warned her, “Wenxuan, shut up! Yun Xi was my savior.

How can you talk badly about her”

The First Lady understood that Mu Feichi wasnt always strict with everyone.

If he had never thought of Si Wenxuan as if she were his younger sister, he would never have cared about her attitude.

All he did was for Si Wenxuans best interests.

He didnt treat her as an outsider, and yet the young lady was spoiled and arrogant.

She would not accept other peoples efforts to try and make her a better person.

Mu Feichi was older than Si Wenxuan, and if she wanted to have a better future, she would need him to guide her.

If she were to offend him and he suddenly decided to stop caring for her, Si Wenxuan would come to regret her choices.

“Shes not your savior.

Professor Joseph was the head surgeon! She was just there assisting him.”

Xiao Weijun finally could not stand her daughters attitude anymore.

“Shes my savior, not yours! Ive decided to repay my gratitude to her for saving my life.

How can you judge a person when you had nothing to do with it If Yun Xi is the person that you say she is, do you really think she could become the first-class socialite Do you think the voting panel is blind”

“Mom! Why are you taking her side too Did she drug you or something”

Si Wenxuan bit her lips and wanted to argue even more, but Mu Feichi suddenly interrupted her.

“Maam, look at her.” Mu Feichi turned to Xiao Weijun.

“Do you think her attitude and actions are fitting for the daughter of the President”

“Brother Feichi! How dare you! How can you talk about me like that What good does Yun Xi have She didnt even come from a great family! Who gives her the right to…”

“And who are you to think she doesnt have the right to stand by my side Thats all up to me, not you! Take a look at yourself in the mirror.

All I can see is the expression of a jealous person.

Is this all you have learned from the etiquette instructors If you were my sister…”

The mention of being his sister angered Si Wenxuan even more.

“I dont want to be your sister,” she yelled.

“How can you treat me as if Im nothing when you know how much I like you I didnt do anything wrong.”

Si Jingting and Xiao Weijuns expressions changed the moment their daughter threw a fit.

They noticed how annoyed Mu Feichi was and knew that things were going in the wrong direction.


You didnt do anything wrong.

I did.”

It was supposed to be a good thing for a prideful man like Mu Feichi to admit he was wrong.

However, anyone could tell that he was being sarcastic.

“Si Wenxuan, shut your mouth!” Si Jingting scolded.

He wasnt worried that his daughter might offend Mu Feichi, but he was terrified that the Young Commander would stop caring for her.

If Si Wenxuan continued to grow with her current personality, she would be bound to run into a lot of troubles in the future.

Mu Feichi would be able to stop her from going in that direction as his words would mean much more to her than her parents.

The two-month house arrest was a good example.

During that time, Si Wenxuan didnt make a huge scene and was more obedient than she had ever been.

If Mu Feichi were to abandon her, the parents couldnt even dare think of the suffering that awaited their daughter in the future.


You know how she is.

Please forgive her.”

Mu Feichi smirked and said, “Of course.

Shes not wrong anyway.

She was never my sister to begin with.

I was just fooling myself.”

“Jinzhi..” Xiao Weijun could tell that the Young Commander had given up on Si Wenxuan.

The mothers heart skipped a beat and quickly turned to look at Xiao Jinglin who had remained silent throughout the whole ordeal, hoping that that would help her.

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