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Chapter 149: The Second Place Incumbent

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Yun Xi was caught off guard, because shed thought the homeroom teacher was going to question her.

“Why would you believe me”

Since beginning this new life, shed realized she could only win the trust of others step by step.

It was a rare thing for others to trust her immediately.

“As the saying goes, it comes from the heart.

From the beginning of school until the present, despite being ostracized by your classmates, youve remained calm and composed.

Your mannerisms can be truly regarded as noble.

I have taught many students from distinguished families, so my impressions are never wrong.

Any student who can write an essay like the one you wrote could never be dishonest in character.”

Yun Xi smiled.

To her, these silly shenanigans of her classmates were nothing more than them acting like children, and she didnt take them seriously.

The upcoming college entrance examination was the watershed of her life.

She could only enter Jingdu University with a high score.

Only then could she do what she wanted to do but hadnt been able to do in her last life.

“In contrast, as soon as school started, your cousin started doing all sorts of attention-seeking stuff in front of all her classmates and hasnt been acting like a junior in high school at all.”

Liang Xinyi was digging her own grave, and it had nothing to do with her.

She was still useful at the moment, and Liang Xiuqin would continue raising her.

But once she failed to get into a good university and became useless, she would have no choice but to return to the country.

By that time, Yun Xi would have a firm foothold in Jingdu, and it would be time for her aunt and uncle to come to Jingdu.


Xu, my dad might not come to todays parent meeting.”

“What about your mother”

“My mother has always thought that I was a scourge.

She abandoned me in the countryside at my uncles house when I was two years old.

In her eyes, only my cousin Liang Xinyi is her daughter.

I can only bring bad luck to her.

She will come to the parent meeting for Liang Xinyi.”

“What How can they be so superstitious during this era Your cousin…”

Speaking of Liang Xinyi, Teacher Xu simply had nothing to say.

She was dumbfounded! This mother would rather raise someone elses daughter than raise her own outstanding daughter.


Xu, at my age, this is the first time I have my dad around to attend my parent meeting.

Could you call my dad and make him come to school”

Upon hearing this, all of a sudden Teacher Xu felt very sympathetic.

He was also a father, and he valued ​​his daughters parent meetings very much, and he had never been absent from them.

This girl had been abandoned in the countryside since she was very young, and all her parents meetings had been attended by other peoples parents.

It made him feel sad to think about it.

“Okay, Ill call your dad, and I will convince him to come.

You are the number one student in the class, and I want your dad to speak on the stage.”

“Thank you, Teacher Xu!”

Yun Xi lowered her head slightly as her eyes misted up.

She began to look forward to this.

If her father came to school, there was going to be a good show.

“I will take care of this cheating issue.

Dont worry, just continue to study hard.”

“Okay, I got it!”

Yun Xi turned around and walked toward the classroom.

As soon as she reached the corner of the stairs, she saw a figure blocking her path.

She couldnt help but raise her eyes as a face filled with curiosity and exasperation inched toward her face.

“Is there something wrong” Yun Xi stepped back a little and stared at the tomboyish girl in front of her.

She had short curly hair, big bright eyes, and dark brown hair that made her appear utterly chic.

After looking her up and down, Yun Xi could feel that the girl in front of her had an unusual vibe.

She was wearing a linen long-sleeved shirt with denim pants with suspenders and white sneakers.

Her attire seemed unremarkable at first glance, but upon closer examination it wasnt.

Only those in the know could tell that her outfit was quite expensive, and her jeans alone cost more than her tuition for the entire school year.

“Oh, you are the Yun Xi who pushed my rank down”

“Huh” Yun Xi raised her eyebrows, and, as if remembering something, she said, “Are you Zhao Yumo, the person who always gets second place”

She was surprised that the student who always got second place was such an…interesting tomboy.

“Now, you have robbed me of my place as the second place incumbent.

Not bad, Im quite impressed that youve dethroned me!”

“Didnt you hear that there had been rumors of me cheating this morning”

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