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The driver didnt even once look in the rearview mirror but focused on driving the car.

It was as if everything that was happening in the back seat didnt affect him, and he could turn a blind eye to it.

Since Yun Xi knew that she could not make Mu Feichi let go of her, she decided to rest her head on his chest and smell the sweet aroma of his body.

Now that the wild kitten in his arms had calmed down, Mu Feichi wrapped one arm around her to pull her closer while moving his free hand into her pocket to get the thing that Feng Yang had given her.

Yun Xi was scared that the man might just open the window and throw it out.

She had no choice but to tell him the truth.

“This is the same thing that Liang Xinyi drugged me with at the socialite ball, but this one is much more potent.”

Mu Feichi clearly knew that Liang Xinyi had drugged Yun Xi at the event, and suddenly his calm expression turned angry again.

Knowing that Yun Xi was reckless enough to test drugs on her own body, Mu Feichi immediately tensed up.

He had to know why she had purchased the drug.

“Why did you buy this Am I that bad that I need to take this”

It took Yun Xi a few seconds to understand what Mu Feichi meant.

Her face turned red immediately as she kept picturing what it would be like if Mu Feichi were to consume it.

Even though she was slightly interested as to what the drug would do to a man with counter-interrogation training, the thought of what could happen to her made her forfeit that idea.

Seeing how embarrassed Yun Xi was, Mu Feichi didnt even have to ask to know what she was thinking about.

He gently tapped her cheek to bring her back from her imagination.

“Even if Im 20 years older than you, I can still make your legs weak for three whole days,” Mu Feichi teased.

Yun Xi glared even harder at the man for shifting the conversation to a lewd one.

What infuriated her the most was that he had managed to arouse her so easily.

“What” Mu Feichi added.

“Dont believe me Well, Ill let you do whatever you want with me in bed after the auction tonight.”

“Shut the h*ll up!” Yun Xi knew that even if she were to be the one in charge, she would still be the one completely exhausted in the end.

She kicked him on his shins and hid her burning face on his shirt.

“I didnt buy this for you.”

“Oh Are you planning to take it then” Mu Feichi laughed as he looked at the lady in his arms.

“Dont worry.

I seriously dont mind your bad technique.”

“Shut it!” Yun Xi immediately covered Mu Feichis mouth with her hand as she knew she would lose this argument.

What was more was that she didnt want Mu Feichi to embarrass himself in front of the driver.

Mu Feichi smiled.

He already knew what Yun Xi was planning to do after learning what the contents of the bag were.

He turned his head and looked at the orange sun that was setting, and his face become expressionless again.

After attending the auction with Yun Xi that night, he would have to personally lead a team to Country F to provide backup for the extraction team.

Being surrounded by enemies on all sides, it would be a hard battle, and he couldnt even tell if he would make it back in one piece.

As the Young Commander of Jun Country, he was not able to back out of such an important mission.

The members of the extraction team were all his people, and he could not abandon them.

However, he had no idea how to tell Yun Xi about it.

He used to be known as a fearless person.

No matter what the battle was, he never cared if he would come back alive or not.

However, this time, there was a person waiting for him back home, and his state of mind had changed.

There were a lot of things he wanted to tell her before he left, but he didnt know how to put them into words.

The remaining time that they would spend together until he was deployed was like a treasure to him.

People like Mu Feichi who had chosen such a path never had the luxury to choose between their loved ones and the country they served.

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