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Despite Liang Xinyi trying to annoy her, Yun Xi kept an innocent smile on her face.

“Even though my uncle and aunt are divorced now, shes still my cousin by blood.

Shes lucky to be able to marry someone from the prestigious Han family.

Of course, Im happy for her.”

“Like you give a d*mn!” Liang Xinyi scolded.

“Drop your good-cousin act!”

Yun Xi raised a brow, but did not show any signs that she was getting angered by her cousin.

She still had the same smile on her face.

If she were to argue with Liang Xinyi at the auction, she would only embarrass herself as the host of the event and the first-class socialite.

On the other hand, Liang Xinyi, who had failed to annoy Yun Xi, had only gotten more infuriated.

Her flushed face showed how arrogant she was, and to Yun Xi she looked more like a clown than a refined lady.

In the end, Liang Xinyi could only ignore Yun Xi and proceed into the hall with Han Zhongteng.

No matter how embarrassed she was, Liang Xinyi would never admit that Yun Xi was better than her.

Yun Xi almost could not hold in her laughter when she saw how Liang Xinyi was trying to act like a dignified person while looking down on someone else.

After all that had happened, all Liang Xinyi had set her sights on now was attaining a higher position and riches.

It was a shallow goal in Yun Xis eyes.

A persons goals would determine how high of a position they would eventually end up in.

Despite coming from the same background, Yun Xi and Liang Xinyi were already worlds apart.

Yun Xi had sent invitations to everyone from the Yun family as her first time hosting was such a huge event.

She was surprised to learn that everyone had shown her the respect she deserved and come to the auction.

Jiang Wanyun and Chen Yichen arrived together, while Jiang Qilin arrived in his wheelchair being pushed by Jing Yi.

Next to them stood Jiang Qilins mother.

Behind them was Jiang Henglin, who had been forced to tag along with Jiang Wanyun.

Even though their wedding had been canceled, Yun Xi still requested that Gu Baifan send an invitation to Jiang Henglin, as she felt that that was the right thing to do.

However, she was also surprised that Jiang Henglin would actually attend the auction and look very well dressed too.

All five of them showing up meant that they were giving Yun Xi the respect she deserved as the first-class socialite.

Jiang Henglin wanted to talk to Yun Xi, but before he could even open his mouth, Chen Yichen pulled him into the hall.

The moment Han Yaotian arrived, the first person he looked for was Yun Xi.

When he spotted her, he approached her right away.

They greeted each other, and Yun Xi took the chance to ask, “So, have you come to a decision, Mr.


Both of them clearly knew what she was talking about, and Han Yaotian nodded.

“All you have to do is sit back and wait for my good news.”

Yun Xi raised a brow and studied the man who was so confident.

He had made it clear that he had planned to follow through with the plan after the auction.

She had already laid the script for them, and all that was left was for the actors to play their parts.

Not wanting Han Yaotian to ruin the event because of his carelessness, Yun Xi warned him with a smile, “You arent the only one who plans to make a move today.

You should be wary of what you eat and drink.”

If Liang Xinyi did not want to marry Han Zhongteng, then she would find a chance to drug Han Yaotian.

Since they rarely ran into each other, this event was the best chance for her to make her move.

“I hope the auction can end without any accidents.

You know what I mean, right”

If Han Yaotian made the wrong move and ruined Yun Xis reputation, she would never forgive him.

She wouldnt even bat an eyelid at what Han Yaotian was going to do, but she wouldnt sit idly by if she were to get dragged into it.

“I do.

Ill take care of everything, and Ill make sure I wont cause you any trouble.”

As Yun Xi watched Han Yaotian enter the hall, she couldnt help but grin as she walked back to Gu Baifans side.

In her past life, Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin had conspired to kill her.

Thus, in this life, she had vowed to push them both into h*ll.

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