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The Qiao family had not been excluded from Yun Xis invitation as they were the newly crowned members of the big four wealthiest families.

Though the arrival of the letter had thrown Qiao Ximin into disarray, she reasoned that this was her chance to show off her newfound status.

Yun Xi eyed the clock that was in the guest hall.

There was still half an hour until the auction.

Qiao Ximin had arrived at the most appropriate time.

Qiao Ximin had decided to attend the auction to maintain the Qiao familys image.

If she hadnt come, it could have been an embarrassment for the Qiao family.

lf she had arrived any earlier, she would have seemed too desperate.

Although she had not earned the title of the first-class socialite, she was still a daughter of the big four wealthiest families, and she would not bow to a nobody.

The only card that Qiao Ximin held against Yun Xi was her birth status as a daughter of the Qiao family.

And Qiao Ximin was going to make full use of this last move and maintain her haughty attitude.

Qiao Ximin had not accepted her loss to Yun Xi yet.

It was too heavy a defeat for her to admit.

Yun Xi had earned the title of first-class socialite and she had won the favor of the Young Commander.

This was a double slap in the face for Qiao Ximin.

Yun Xi was on the receiving end of all this glory, but Qiao Ximin would show her that she was no less than her.

Qiao Ximin tilted her chin up in an arrogant manner and shot Yun Xi a cold glare before entering the auction hall without a word.

There were a few other guests remaining in the hall when she arrived, and Qiao Ximin did not see the need to extend her a kind and friendly facade.

A few moments after Qiao Ximin had stormed off, Qiao Lixin ran up hurriedly to greet Yun Xi and Gu Baifan.

After the help Yun Xi had given him in regard to the project with the Mu Corporation and upon learning that she was in a relationship with the Young Commander, Yun Xi was almost a saint in his eyes, He passed the bouquet of red roses in his arms to Yun Xi quickly.

“Second Master Qiao, I dont think red roses are very appropriate when Im in a relationship with the Young Commander.”

Qiao Lixin snapped out of his rushing and realized his mistake.

“Ah, my apologies, I was in such a rush I did not notice.” He smiled awkwardly.

“I wanted to wish you a fiery and excitement-filled future so I chose the red roses without thinking what that might have meant.

Im so sorry about this.

I would never dare to have any other intentions…”

Yun Xi was attractive, but Qiao Lixin was not interested.

He would never dream of having any interest in the Young Commanders girlfriend anyway.

“Thank you! Please take care of us during tonights charity auction!” Yun Xi nodded to Gu Baifan, and he took the bouquet of roses from Qiao Lixins arms.

“Of course, of course…” He had no other reason to attend the auction besides using his familys money to earn status.

If he failed to find any object he would like to bid for, he could always use the opportunity to network.

Charity auctions had always been the upper classs go-to way of doing charity, but everyone in Jingdu, regardless of their class, knew that charity auctions were just another party for the rich to showcase their wealth and connect with other elites.

“The auction is about to begin.

Please enter, Second Master Qiao!” Gu Baifan chimed in politely and gestured for him to enter the hall.

However, the Qiao siblings were not the last to arrive.

The previous title holder as the first-class socialite, Qi Siyu, finally waltzed in seconds before the start of the charity auction.

She had lived up to the stereotype of last to arrive, first to leave for the elite class.

Qi Siyu arrived at the venue in a standard evening gown.

As someone with experience in hosting an auction, she knew that it was not necessary for the host to welcome the guests.

Yet Yun Xi was standing side by side with Gu Baifan.

It was clearly a way to make the others feel inferior in her presence, and Gu Baifans extensive network in Jingdus corporate circles gave Yun Xi a huge social networking boost.

Unlike Yun Xi, she did not have the privilege of working with the director of the Mu Corporation when she hosted the charity auction.

The Young Commander was willing to give Yun Xi every form of assistance possible, a move that had brought much admiration and jealousy.

The heavy jealousy weighed down on her chest.

Every look at Yun Xi filled Qi Siyu with disgust.

She turned and looked away as she walked into the venue.

However, Yun Xi did not think much about her current status nor was she sensitive about the attention she was given.

She followed Gu Baifan into the auction hall, and the two settled down for the charity auction.

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