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The auction was about to begin.

As soon as Yun Xi stepped into the venue, she spotted Yun Yuanfeng engaged in a conversation with a few individuals from the corporate world, his face friendly and respectful as they chatted.

Her father seemed like an outgoing social butterfly.

Yun Xi was used to her fathers two sides.

She had been no stranger to it in her past life, and it was no different now.

While Yun Yuanfengs pride might bring him the connections and networks that would take him to great heights on the social ladder, it would only bring Yun Xi more disdain for him.

It looked as if Mu Feichis warning had not had an effect on Yun Yuanfeng.

Yun Xi walked down the aisle and scanned the participants of the auction.

The ones that needed to be here and the ones that were disposable had all shown up.

Yun Xi smiled lightly to herself as she thought about what was going to unfold tonight, and she gracefully moved toward her seat in the first row.

The other guests who had lingered in the front hall had returned to their seats when they saw Yun Xi return to the main hall.

Yun Yuanfeng and Yun Chuhan were given seats in the third row.

They were not too far from the stage, and Yun Chuhan got a good view of Yun Xi in the first row.

She was not dressed in the standard glamorous nightgown-style dress like the others were, but instead she had donned a unique piece that made her stand out from the crowd.

Her gown was catching everyones attention in the hall.

One look was enough to let Yun Chuhan know that Yun Xi was unrivalled.

The other socialites could try, but they couldnt compare to Yun Xi.

There was no one who was able to hold a candle to her.

She was here, but her companion was not.

The guests mumbled among themselves as they looked at the empty seat beside Yun Xi.

Mu Feichi was the only one absent of the heads of the three noble families, and his empty seat was especially striking in a packed auction hall.

As the spokesperson of the auction turned toward Yun Xi, the left side door of the venue opened and a figure slipped through quickly.

Mu Feichi was wearing a forest-green woolen sweater with a dark green camouflage uniform underneath it.

The outfit was completed by a beret of the same shade that proudly carried the crest of the country on it.

Yun Xi knew that this attire meant that Mu Feichi had a mission to go to after the event, and she could not help but straighten her back in respect as he approached her.

Many in the venue had only seen Mu Feichi in his military attire on television.

Few had seen the full image in person.

The guests were left in awe at the sight, and many of the socialites were too stunned by his looks to even speak.

Once the realization had set in, Yun Xi couldnt believe all the heated discussions that had broken out behind her.

She pushed the spokesperson of the event to start the opening address.

Mu Feichi joined Yun Xi in his seat in the first row.

Yun Xi turned to him and looked down at the auction guide in her hands.

She lifted up her fingers and tapped a series of Morse code words on the cover of the guide.

“Mission later”

Mu Feichi nodded as he placed his hands on his thigh and tapped out his reply, “Emergency international rescue support operation.”

Yun Xi felt her fingers close in on the edge of the guidebook.

If Mu Feichi had to go to join in on an operation after Li Zilan and the rest of his men had left, it must be a serious emergency.

A wave of worry swept through Yun Xis heart, and her fingers started shaking a bit as she tapped out her reply, “Be careful, get home safe.”

She looked over and gave Mu Feichi a silent gaze.

Mu Feichi had picked up on her worry and turned to look at her.

The two stared at each other for a brief second, and Yun Xi felt as if her worries had been noted.

The look was all it took to communicate the millions of words they wished to say to each other.

Yun Xi did not say a word, and neither did Mu Feichi.

The one look they exchanged was more than enough.

By the time their silent conversation was over, the spokesperson had wrapped up the last of his welcoming message and invited Yun Xi to take the stage.

Mu Feichis gaze followed the girl as she walked up the stairs.

These seconds he had before his mission could be the last moments of happiness for him.

The stage lights illuminated Yun Xis gown as it shimmered under the dazzling lights.

Yun Xis sky-blue dress lit up the stage like a clear summers sky as she came into everyones line of sight.

The socialites who were sitting below the stage were nothing compared to this girl on the stage.

Yun Xis vintage gown sparkled and added to her graceful and classy presence.

There was no doubt she was the first-class socialite.

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