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There was no doubt that Yun Xi had a one-of-a-kind presence.

She exuded a presence that was kind, yet strong, and larger than life.

Yun Xi shone with warmth when she smiled, but seemed full of grace when she did not.

Everything about her seemed ethereal.

Yun Xi had a slender figure, and the vintage gown she was wearing emphasized her figure in an appealing manner.

Yun Xis presence was equal to all the seasoned socialites who were in attendance.

The gown swayed elegantly as she walked, and every step made her seem like a princess from a fairy tale.

Everyone at the venue was transfixed by her grace.

Under the bright lights, Xiao Jinglin sat silently as he observed the figure walking slowly across the stage.

This young girl before him was dazzling with beauty.

Even for someone like him who had spent a long time overseas and had seen millions of beauties from all different cultures, Yun Xi was a breath of fresh, yet familiar, air for him.

He had returned to Jun Country for one precious item, and now he seemed to have found another item of interest.

The auction would begin after an opening address from Yun Xi that thanked the guests for their attendance.

Her polite and respectful image gained Yun Xi much approval from the audience, and they had given her a resounding round of applause.

“Thank you, everyone, for attending, and now, let the auction begin! And dont forget to join us for the after-party after the auction.”

Yun Xi gave the spokesperson a small hand gesture before taking her leave from the stage with a bow.

The auction had started, and so it was Mu Feichis cue to leave.

He took a look at his watch and stood up silently, prompting Yun Xi to look up in a hurry.

Mu Feichi stopped and gave Yun Xi a fond look.

“No need,” he whispered as he stopped Yun Xi from gathering her belongings to send him off.

Mu Feichi would find it hard to leave if Yun Xi were to come out with him.

By the time Yun Xi had realized what was happening, Mu Feichi had marched out of the venue.

He left so quickly that he himself did not have the time to regret not getting a good-bye from Yun Xi.

But Yun Xis eyes followed him.

They followed him as he walked out of the venue, they followed him as he opened the door and made his exit, and they followed him as the door shut.

Yun Xi never looked away.

No one would understand what they shared and what they had gone through together.

This was the reason Yun Xi treasured their bond more than anything else.

She had accepted this: that this was the man she had chosen to be with, and she had no regrets.

The auction had started and all that waited was the long process of buying and biding.

Most of the items in the auction came from the private collections of the guests in attendance, and they were sold in the name of charity.

All the earnings would be given to the charity organization of the first-class socialite for the publics good.

It was no surprise that the guests cared little about the real value of the items, much less that they had any appreciation for the items themselves.

Many were here solely in hopes of a chance to network with Mu Feichi and Yun Xi.

The money spent on the items was simply to show off and make a good impression on the Mu Corporation.

Mu Feichi might have been absent, but Gu Baifan was still attending the auction, and he was a director of the Mu Corporation.

As long as it could give them an opportunity to show off to the Mu Corporation, the guests were willing to spend all that was necessary.

Gu Baifan raised his auction sign symbolically on a few random items, and the items were immediately sold at ridiculously high prices.

Though unwilling to do anything symbolically, Yun Xi found Gu Baifans actions rather amusing.

She looked down at the guide in her lap and flipped through the pages disinterestedly.

From the corner of her eye, she saw a brooch that was part of the auction collection.

It was a ruby brooch with a goldfish design, the lifelike orange body of the fish was covered with pieces of rubies, its long golden tail curled upwards, and there were two bright sapphire gems that denoted its eyes.

She silently read through the description of the item noted in the auction guide.

The item was a gift from Madame Chen, and it had Jiang Wanyuns name carved into it.

Yun Xi was surprised to see Xiao Jinglin raise his auction sign and make a bid.

It surprised Yun Xi more when she saw how determined he was to win the item no matter what the bid was.

And Gu Baifan seemed to be aware of Xiao Jinglins interest in the brooch.

He did not make any absurd counteroffers in return for the opening bid Xiao Jinglin made, and the brooch sold for the initial $500,000 price.

For the others in attendance, the ruby goldfish brooch was now valued at $500,000, and they were reluctant to counter with a higher bid.

Within a few moments, the brooch was sold to Xiao Jinglin for $500,000.

Yun Xi could not help but turn and look for this mysterious man.

Xiao Jinglin seemed to heave a sigh of relief after he had obtained the item.

The young girl frowned.

Had he come all this way and asked for an entry into the auction just for this brooch

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