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The two squeezed through the mass of guests and arrived in a huddle of Jiang Chenghuans business partners and a few friends that Jiang Chenghuan was especially close to.

This was the first time that Jiang Chenghuan had made an official introduction of Yun Xi to his friends, but the other sons of elite families had long heard about Yun Xi—some from their elders about her incredible talent in medicine and others from various rumors.

Some had even planned to talk to her at the socialite ball, but the Young Commander had been too fast and robbed them of the opportunity.

On top of that, Yun Xi had become Jiang Chenghuans younger sister, and she was heavily doted on by his parents.

Even a blind man could tell that Yun Xi wasnt an ordinary girl.

If they could not have Yun Xi on their side, it was not a bad thing to have Yun Xi as their younger sister to look after.

Not only would they fall into favor with the Jiang family, but the Young Commander would also show some consideration to them in any future events.

There were few to no cons in favoring this young girl.

Standing in the middle of the circle of his friends, Jiang Chenghuan straightened his back and introduced Yun Xi to his group of rascals.

“This is Yun Xi, and she will be my sister from today onward.

You, gentlemen, know I have always been the only child, and with a new child it will be hard for my parents to care for her fully, so all of you will have to be her brother on my behalf and look out for her.

You can even see her as your own sister.”

Jiang Chenghuans abrupt seriousness had left the group of men in silence, the men exchanged a look and burst into laughter.

“It looks more like youre flaunting your young sister to us who dont have sisters.

Dont we all wish we had a sister as adorable as Yun Xi Of course, we will take care of her.”

The man who had spoken up was the eldest son of the Ye family, Ye Songmo.

The Ye family was a family of politicians and military commanders, and the two were childhood friends who had been getting into trouble together and looking out for each other since boyhood.

Ye Songmo had exceeded many of his cohorts as someone who was sharp, intelligent, and hard to predict.

“Of course, you dont need to tell me that.

Hey, little Yun Xi, if you ever feel bored let me know.

Ill take you for a spin in the sea.”

Jiang Chenghuan stood beside Yun Xi and gave her a breakdown of each mans family history.

This was the moment she learned that this enthusiastic big brother figure was the sole heir of a global shipping tycoon, Fu Chengqi.

The other men were all equivalent in their family statuses.

In comparison to the many key players in the business world and the aces of the corporate landscape that Gu Baifan had introduced to her today, the men that stood before her now came from backgrounds that were much more luxurious and opulent.

Every one of their family backgrounds was enough to send Yun Xi into quite a shock.

“Nice to meet all of you.

Im Yun Xi.

I hope we can get along.”

Standing proudly beside Jiang Chenghuan, Yun Xi gave these men a bow and a smile as they introduced themselves to her.

This was her first time standing upright in Jingdu, the first time she could be who she was unapologetically and meet new people without putting herself down due to her status.

Yun Xi gave her surroundings a subconscious look.

Her ears pricked up on the conversations that were happening during their introductions.

She finally understood why she always felt as if there were eyes boring into her back.

The connections others would spend a lifetime chasing after had all become her close friends overnight.

Jealousy was not strong enough to describe the emotions that others must have felt.

The cold gazes contradicted greatly with the joyous conversations exchanged with the friends of Jiang Chenghuan.

However, the crowd did not dare to join in with their conversations.

They could only turn aside and talk among themselves.

The focused attention of the crowd gave Liang Xinyi the opportunity to make her move.

The crowds had revolved around Yun Xi and Jiang Chenghuan like the earth revolving around the sun.

Gu Baifan had not been spared by the rotation of guests either.

Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin came one after another to speak to him about business opportunities.

And Han Yaotian decided to talk to Qiao Ximin afterward.

Liang Xinyi hardly had the chance to make her move against Han Yaotian.

Time was slipping by fast, but Han Yaotian was still engaged in a conversation with Qiao Ximin that did not seem to be ending soon.

Liang Xinyi was deathly afraid she would lose her chance.

Spotting a waiter in the crowd, she approached the man with a light smile and picked up a glass before heading toward Han Yaotian.

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