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After excusing herself from the wealthy heirs, Yun Xi glanced over at Liang Xinyi, who had gone over to talk to Han Yaotian.

She gave Han Yaotian a glass of wine in order to make a toast.

However, he passed the wine to Qiao Ximin instead.

Yun Xi wasnt surprised about that.

The surprising part was that Han Yaotian took a glass of wine from the waiter beside him for Liang Xinyi in return.

His demeanor of a perfect gentleman seemed to have stunned Liang Xinyi and had her fooled momentarily.

Han Yaotian did not drink the wine Liang Xinyi gave to him.

Instead, Liang Xinyi took a sip of the wine from Han Yaotian.

He was so caring and thoughtful, and it wasnt like him at all.

Yun Xi realized that something was going on that was not a part of her plan.

She turned to look at Fenghuang Niao, who was leisurely drinking juice near her.

She didnt look as if she had acted according to Yun Xis instructions.

After thinking about it, Yun Xi finally understood why.

Yun Xi had already warned Han Yaotian, so he would definitely guard against Liang Xinyi.

However, even though he knew that there could be problems with the wine from Liang Xinyi, he still passed it to Qiao Ximin.

By doing that, Han Yaotian had avoided drawing trouble to himself.

At the same time, hed also conveniently given Liang Xinyi a spiked drink to teach her a lesson.

This series of plans was smooth, flawless, and even the timing had been just right.

So no matter how Yun Xi looked at it, it felt like someone was controlling the whole situation from behind the scenes.

Fenghuang Niao smiled when she saw Yun Xi looking at her.

She then silently signaled to Yun Xi, telling her not to be worried and that everything had been settled.

Since Yun Xi was a bright girl, Fenghuang Niao believed she would understand her message.

Yun Xi looked away, as she could rest assured with Fenghuang Niao in charge.

Since everything had already been settled, then she wouldnt need to worry about it.

So she turned around and followed Jiang Chenghuan to greet Chen Yichen.

Chen Yichen had been standing in a corner and watching Yun Xi for the whole night.

He looked at how she mingled with ease among people in Jingdus high-society circle.

With a faint dignified smile and an air of elegance in her gestures, Yun Xi didnt look nervous at all.

Now Yun Xi had grown into a beautiful lady.

She was completely different from how she had been when she had just arrived from the countryside.

In less than two years, she had become the brightest star in Jingdu by her own efforts.

Even if the Young Commander hadnt been with her, Yun Xi still kept to her plans and got better with each passing day.

Maybe it was because he had arrived late to the party and missed his opportunity, but Chen Yichen seemed to lack the luck to compete with the Young Commander now.

Seeing that Yun Xi was walking toward him, Chen Yichen sighed.

He concealed all his emotions and went forward to greet her.

Standing in the crowd, Liang Xinyi looked at Han Yaotian dejectedly and grabbed her wine glass tightly in frustration.

Since she hadnt been successful on her first try, she had thought of coming up with another plan to give Han Yaotian the spiked drink.

However, Han Zhongteng had already excused himself from his friends and was turning to walk toward her.

Seeing how Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin were already walking away, Liang Xinyi thought it would be too risky to go give them a toast again.

Once shed missed this perfect opportunity, Liang Xinyi didnt know when she would get the chance again.

So she was getting more anxious as she continued to think about it.

Liang Xinyi couldnt back out once she got engaged to Han Zhongteng.

Knowing Han Zhongteng and the Han familys ways of doing things, she would definitely not benefit even if she managed to hook up with Hao Yaotian in the end.

Worse still, she might even suffer greatly for offending them all.

But no matter what, she must take action before the engagement ceremony.

Standing on the sidelines, the sharp-eyed Liang Xinyi saw Han Yaotians secretary talking to the hotel manager.

Worrying about not getting a chance to get close to Han Yaotian again, Liang Xinyi didnt want to lose any opportunity.

So she immediately put down her wine glass and followed them.

“Young Master Han has ordered us to prepare a VIP suite.

He wants to stay in the hotel tonight.”

“All right.

I will instruct someone to clean the room right away,” the manager answered and quickly went to the hotels front desk.

The guests at the event today were all important figures.

Even though the Han family was no longer part of the four wealthiest families, they were still a reputable family that one shouldnt disregard.

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