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Liang Xinyi was worried that she wouldnt have another chance to get close to Han Yaotian.

So she didnt want to miss this opportunity that had come knocking on her door.

The party was coming to an end, and guests were beginning to leave.

But, as the host and organizer, Yun Xi had to stay until the last guest was gone.

After bidding farewell to Mr.

and Mrs.

Jiang, Yun Xi caught a glimpse of Han Yaotian walking Qiao Ximin into an elevator like a gentleman.

Qiao Ximin wasnt a foolish woman.

The Qiao family and the Han family were still competing and at loggerheads with each other.

So, Yun Xi doesnt have any idea what Han Yaotian could have told Qiao Ximin, making her leave willingly with him.

Probably only Han Yaotian would know whether it would be a good idea to leave with him.

Looking away, she saw Huo Tingxiao walking out from the banquet hall with a man she didnt know.

She walked over to them after saying good-bye to Jiang Chenghuan.

Huo Tingxiao had spent the whole night drinking wine and chatting with his friend by the window.

Yun Xi had initially thought of greeting them, but Jiang Chenghuan had completely avoided them.

Thinking about it, Yun Xi felt that it had been quite rude.

Yun Xi walked over and stopped in front of Huo Tingxiao.

She smiled and bowed slightly, saying, “Young Master Huo, my apologies to you if there were any oversights in hospitality at the party.”

“Its not like we dont know each other, so dont stand on ceremony with me.” Huo Tingxiao then introduced his friend.

“This is Mr.

Quan from City S.

He decided to come at the last minute.

Seeing that you were busy, we did not want to disturb you.”

Huo Tingxiao did not introduce his friend in detail, and Yun Xi did not probe further.

Instead, she nodded politely at the man and reached out her hand for a handshake.

The man reached out and shook her hand briefly with a straight face.

She felt oddly familiar with the stern, cold look in his eyes.

This sense of familiarity stemmed from her knowing many soldiers.

Looking at him, Yun Xi suddenly thought of Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi and this man had the same aura around them.

Even if he was only wearing a formal suit, he couldnt hide his imposing mannerisms that were buried deep within him.

“You have been busy.

Let Niao take you home once everyone has left, and be careful on the way back.

Since Jinzhi is not around, feel free to get in touch with me if you need any help.

I have sent my contacts to your phone, and you can save them later.”

“All right…and thank you!” Huo Tingxiao was talking so formally to her that it somehow made Yun Xi feel a little uneasy.

Fenghuang Niao came over after Huo Tingxiao had left.

She elbowed Yun Xi lightly and said, “Hey, a good show is about to begin.

Do you want to go have a look”

Confused, Yun Xi turned to look at her.

“I thought you didnt…”

Fenghuang Niao raised her eyebrows, and one could sense a faint smile in her seductively charming eyes.

“Theres no need for a sword to swat a fly.

Come on, I will explain everything to you on the way.”

“Gu Baifan is still here, and he can handle it.

You have been busy all night, so leave the rest to him.”

Without waiting for Yun Xi to say anything, Fenghuang Niao grabbed her arm and pulled her to the elevator.

She quickly pressed a button for an odd-numbered floor.

“I remembered that the presidential suites and superior suites at the Jingdu Grand Hotel were on the even-numbered floors, right”

“Thats right.

We will climb the stairs to the next level.”

Yun Xi glanced at the number display panel above them, then leaned on the wall.

She looked at Fenghuang Niao.

“Tell me what is going on exactly!”

Fenghuang Niao told Yun Xi about the waiters who Liang Xinyi and Han Yaotian had bribed.

She also told her about Huo Tingxiaos instructions.

Yun Xi immediately knew what was going on, and it was just as she had expected.

Han Yaotian had taken full advantage of the situation and had taught Liang Xinyi a lesson at the same time.

The whole situation was actually under Huo Tingxiaos control.

So Fenghuang Niao and Yun Xi didnt need to do anything, and those involved had already fallen into their own traps.

“I didnt expect this to have involved Young Master Huo.

To him, all this fighting and scheming must seem indecent.”

But the most effective way to retaliate against them was to beat them at their own game.

Also, Yun Xi really didnt really want to spend too much effort dealing with Liang Xinyi and Qiao Ximin.

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