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Liang Xinyi had put on a pretty big stripping show, but Qiao Ximin appeared to be quieter.

However, because she had also been drugged, she didnt look too good either.

She seemed to have lost all her senses and was smiling like a fool while stroking Han Yaotians chest.

Han Yaotian swiped his room card and opened the door of a suite.

He entered, dragging Qiao Ximin in his arms, and slammed the door shut.

Yun Xi leaned against the wall and looked coldly at the dark window at the end of the corridor.

A cold wind was coming through the window, and Yun Xi shivered a little when it hit her bare shoulders.

Yun Xi couldnt help but click her tongue softly.

There was a calm and relaxed look on her face.

She no longer felt the hatred and extreme pain that she had felt when she saw Han Yaotian betraying her in her previous life.

It could be that she no longer had any feelings for him at all and was merely pleased to be able to get her revenge on him.

“Hey, are you all right” Fenghuang Niao patted Yun Xis face gently when she saw that Yun Xi looked quite pale.

“Im all right…” Yun Xi smiled after coming back to her senses.

“I was just thinking that knowing Han Yaotians character, he probably didnt just plan to spike Qiao Ximins drink and hook up with her.

It cant be that simple.”

Fenghuang Niao nodded gently, her red lips looking really enchanting.

“Oh, youre absolutely right.

Hao Yaotian has arranged for someone to catch them in the act early tomorrow morning.”

“Since Liang Xinyi happens to be here too, then I shall get her another present.” Standing up straight, Yun Xi looked up with a pair of sharp and determined eyes.

“Find someone to tip Han Zhongteng off, so he can be here tomorrow too.

Liang Xinyi is going to be raped by a group of men, and Han Yaotian is hooking up with Qiao Ximin.

Just these two matters should be enough for Han Zhongteng to handle once he finds out about them”

Fenghuang Niao snapped her fingers.

“That was my plan too.”

“Get the media in here too.

Also, could you please retrieve the surveillance footage from this corridor for me.

I will have my uses for it.”

Fenghuang Niao nodded and then pulled Yun Xi toward the stairs.

“I will get everything done for you for tomorrow.

Lets go home now since the show is over.

There is still another big show to catch tomorrow.

Since the boss isnt around, you shall stick with me when you dont have classes.

I will teach you whatever you want to learn.”

That should be the best way to kill time and the safest way to hang around in the city.

“All right!” Yun Xi agreed without a second thought.

She didnt care how big of a fuss it would be tomorrow.

But the bigger it was, the better.

While Mu Feichi was away, Yun Xi would either go to school or learn basic special warfare tactical skills from Fenghuang Niao.

Yun Xi decided to keep herself busy so that she wouldnt be thinking about Mu Feichi all the time.

Yun Xi had become the center of everyones attention due to her current status.

So, it would be impossible for her to continue with a leisurely and carefree lifestyle like before.

Since many things were unavoidable and Yun Xi had entered the social circle willingly, then she would do her best to not become anyones burden.

Though it was getting late at night, Jingdu was a city that never sleeps.

The streets were still bustling and well lit with colorful neon lights.

A car slowly inched toward the hotel entrance as they walked out of the hotel.

Fenghuang Niao saw the license plate number and walked toward it, pulling Yun Xi along with her.

The car stopped in front of them.

Team Leader A alighted from the car and turned to Yun Xi.

“Miss Yun, Mr.

Xiao has been waiting for you.

I need to take you back to Mu Mansion now.”

“Whaaat” Yun Xi was stunned for a moment.

She then turned to look at the window that had been rolled down.

Yun Xi remembered that Xiao Jinglin had left right after the auction, so had he been waiting in the car for more than three hours

Looking at how relaxed Xiao Jinglin was, he must not have actually waited for more than just one or two hours.

But what was so urgent that made him wait for Yun Xi instead of going back to Mu Mansion first

After getting into the car, Yun Xi turned to look at Xiao Jinglin.

She caught a glimpse of the velvet box that was clasped in his hands, and it looked like the item he had bought from the auction.


Xiao, you could have called me if you were looking for me.

I am really sorry that you had to wait for so long in this cold weather.”

Xiao Jinglin probably had something really important and urgent to discuss.

If not, he wouldnt have waited for her so patiently.

“Yun Xi, could you introduce me to Mrs.


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