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Chapter 151: Stole the Exam Papers and Cheated

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When Yun Yuanfeng received a call from Yun Xis homeroom teacher, he thought that Yun Xi had caused trouble at school.

After receiving the phone call, he realized that because Yun Xi had gotten first place, hed been asked to go to school to tell other parents about Yun Xis learning experiences and education.

He had been preaching those words on other occasions frequently, but it was the first time he would be preaching to other parents.

Ever since Yun Xi had come back, shed really given him so many reasons to be proud.

He would be able to show off in front of all those parents today.

Yun Ziling and Yun Chuhan had never given him such pride.

He couldnt help but being filled with joy when he thought of the envy and admiration he would receive from the other parents.

Coincidentally, hed also gotten another big project at work today, so he was having a lucky break.

After Yun Xi had gone to the Shen familys house, good things began to follow.

It seemed that this daughter had brought him much good fortune.

For the first parent meeting, no matter what, he couldnt let down his girl, otherwise she wouldnt be obedient in the future.

After class, Teacher Xu told Yun Xi the good news.

Her father had agreed, as shed expected.

Her dad would never miss such an opportunity to show off.

When he comes, there will be a good show awaiting.

The parent meeting happened during the third period of the afternoon, and the parents arrived one after another.

Yun Yuanfeng had never attended a parent meeting before, so he didnt know what time it was supposed to be.

All the other parents had arrived, but he was still nowhere to be seen, so the head teacher quickly called him.

As the parents arrived and the students were preparing to clear the venue, Yang Lu suddenly stood up.


Xu, since there are parents who havent arrived yet, we might as well wait.

A rumor has been spreading throughout the entire grade today.

Yun Xi got first place by cheating and stealing the exam paper.

Shouldnt the school give all the students and parents an explanation”

As soon as these words came out, the quiet classroom suddenly started buzzing.

The parents looked at their children and then at the teacher.

Finally, everyone unanimously turned to look at Yun Xi, who was sitting at the last table.

“Stealing exam papers and cheating, how can the school allow this to happen”

“How can such a student stay in school after committing such a serious offense”

“The person who got first place stole the exam paper So then isnt it because of her that my daughter was squeezed to fourth place and lost the opportunity to enter the advanced class”

“Such students must be dealt with seriously! Otherwise it will be unfair to other students!”


When it came to spots in the advanced class, parents became anxious and edgy.

They all had grievances and were all very much dissatisfied.

In an instant, Yun Xi was swallowed up in the teeth of the storm and became the target of public criticism.

Liang Xiuqin glanced at Liang Xinyi and asked in a low voice, “Did she really steal the exam paper”

Liang Xinyi nodded and smiled a little smugly.

“The rumor has been spreading throughout the grade.

Its okay to cheat, but if you stole the exam paper, you will get an academic dishonesty record.”

Of course Liang Xiuqin understood the seriousness of the matter and sneered with contempt.

“Its a pity that her dad didnt come, otherwise he would see how good of a daughter she really is.

If he ever saw such a shameful thing, he would definitely drive her back to the countryside!”

Teacher Xu glanced at the classroom.

Parents stood beside each student, except for Yun Xi, who stood there all alone.

“Quiet! Parents must stay calm and quiet!”

Teacher Xu turned to look at Yang Lu, who was adding fuel to the flames.

“Yang Lu, do you have any evidence that Yun Xi stole the exam papers The storage room was locked.”

“I wouldnt talk nonsense if there was no evidence! Before the exam I saw her sneaking up to the academic administration office building alone, and she went back and forth several times.

I thought it was because the teacher was looking for her, but later I found out that she had gone to the storage room.

When the exam results came out, she had high scores in several subjects, so she must have peeked at the exam papers.

“There is no proof, so the teacher cant believe in your words alone.

You said Yun Xi stole the exam papers, but what about the evidence”

“I noticed that she had been looking for something for the past few days, so she must have left her stuff in the storage room.”

“You said she stole the exam papers and was able to get in once, so couldnt she have gone in again to retrieve her stuff, instead of waiting for you to frame her”

“Teacher, you forgot.

A few days ago, the schools storage room was newly equipped with a password-locked anti-theft door.

Its not that easy to get in any more.”

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