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Han Zhongteng suddenly turned around.

He raised his hand and slapped Liang Xinyi to the ground.

Not holding back his disgust, he gritted his teeth and spat out a single word, “Sl*t!”

The double blow that he had just received made Han Zhongteng unwilling to stay in such a disgusting place for even a moment longer.

He turned around and left Liang Xinyi behind.

Compared to the cuckold status that Liang Xinyi had just given him, he was more concerned about how to deal with the impact of the marriage between the Han and Qiao families.

Liang Xinyi covered her face as she fell to the ground.

The burning pain on her face and the buzzing in her ears finally woke her up from the drug.

The aftereffects of the aphrodisiac were still wreaking havoc in her body.

She clutched her bathrobe tightly around her and could no longer care about her embarrassment and humiliation.

She raised her trembling head to look at Han Yaotian, who was standing a ways away staring down at her.

She could not understand how she had fallen into his trap.

Last night, she had only drunk the champagne that she had poured herself.

The alcohol content was not high, and she would not get drunk if she drank it.

The only thing that entered her mouth was the glass of champagne that Han Yaotian had given her.

Could it be that the glass had been drugged

It was impossible… Han Yaotian would never drug her for no reason…

She suddenly remembered that Qiao Ximin had drunk the glass of wine that she had drugged.

Now that Qiao Ximin had gotten together with Han Yaotian, the glass of champagne that she had drunk should have been meant for Qiao Ximin.

She had failed to frame Han Yaotian and had instead fallen into his trap.

But…how did Han Yaotian know that she was going to drug him at the party

It was impossible for him to have guessed what she was thinking about.

This had seemed like a flawless plan, but no matter how she thought about it, she felt that something had gone wrong.

If this was all Han Yaotians plan, then this man was too scary!

However, compared to that, her current predicament made her feel even more despair.

She did not have any memory of what had happened last night.

But when she was lying naked on the bed and saw Han Zhongteng fighting with three naked men, the knowledge that she had been gang-raped by those three men made her feel as if the sky was falling.

She did not manage to hook up with Han Yaotian and had even been caught in the act by Han Zhongteng.

Her reputation had been ruined overnight, and she had nothing left…

A door on the other side slammed shut.

Liang Xinyi stood up, trembling.

She staggered toward the elevator as if she were dying.

She had been drained of all energy.

In the VIP suite, Han Yaotian had his hands in the pockets of his bathrobe.

He turned around and walked toward Qiao Ximin, who was curled up on the sofa.

After the commotion earlier, Qiao Ximin had finally snapped out of her trance.

She glared at Han Yaotian with venomous eyes, clenched her fists, and gritted her teeth.

At that moment, there was only one thought in her mind: to hack this man into pieces.

She really shouldnt have believed his nonsense.

Shed really thought that he had a way to deal with that d*mned girl Yun Xi, but she never expected that he would actually seize the opportunity to tarnish her innocence.

Without her innocence, she would no longer have the right to marry the Young Commander…

Mu Feichi… Qiao Ximin gritted her teeth in hatred at the thought of the man she had been thinking about for so many years.

After finally becoming the daughter of one of the four wealthiest families, shed thought that she had gotten closer to him, but she did not expect her dream to be shattered overnight.

“Since things have come to this, I will take responsibility for you,” Han Yaotian stood beside the coffee table and said seriously.

“Get lost!” Qiao Ximin grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

“Han Yaotian, you b*stard! How dare you scheme against me!”

“Did I” Han Yaotian smirked innocently.

He turned around and sat down on the sofa opposite her.

He said calmly, “Last night in the elevator, you were the one who touched, kissed, and undressed me.

Have you forgotten”

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