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Regarding what had happened last night, Qiao Ximin only had a hazy memory.

She did not even know how shed lost control of herself.

She only remembered that she couldnt help but rub herself against Han Yaotian in the elevator.

It felt as if she had been drugged.

Drugged… At the thought of this, she suddenly raised her head and glared at the man opposite her, questioning him fiercely, “You were the one who drugged me”

Everyone in their social circle knew that the Han family was involved in drugs.

She had no doubt that Han Yaotian could get that drug.

“Me Youve really overestimated me.

Last nights party was heavily guarded, and it was personally organized by Director Gu, Gu Baifan.

Who would dare play tricks under his nose”

Qiao Ximin looked at him skeptically, thinking about the food she had eaten last night.

Gu Baifans banquet had indeed been organized by very few people, and the security had been very tight.

Anyone who dared to attack here must have had some ulterior motives.

After thinking about it, she realized that everything shed eaten last night had been randomly chosen by herself, except…the glass of wine that Liang Xinyi had passed to Han Yaotian, who had turned to toast her.

She suddenly thought of Liang Xinyi, Han Zhongteng, and the three men who were half-naked.

She looked at Han Yaotian, who had a calm expression on his face, but seemed to understand something.

Liang Xinyi, that dumb woman, was not as smart as Yun Xi.

Last time, not only had she ruined her art exhibition, but shed also affected her reputation in school.

This time, she had actually ruined her innocence by passing Han Yaotian the medicine.

She would take revenge even if she had to go to h*ll.

“The Han family is no longer the same as before.

They are more cautious and low-profile.

Even if I had the desire, I wouldnt have the guts to offend Yun Xi.

If the Han family offends her, they will suffer terrible consequences.

If I caused trouble at her charity auction and embarrassed her, the Young Commander might really take my life.”

Han Yaotian kept mentioning Yun Xi and the Young Commander, and he even used their disparity to provoke Qiao Ximin.

Qiao Ximin, who was already on the verge of going crazy, felt that he was now adding fuel to the fire.

Her longstanding jealousy of Yun Xi and unwillingness to accept that her beautiful dream had been shattered instantly became a raging fire.

The uncontrollable anger was directed at the culprit, and she threw everything on the coffee table at Han Yaotian.

To express his sincerity, Han Yaotian did not dodge at all.

He allowed her to throw the tea tray and a fruit plate at him.

After being hit by several apples, he stood up with a frown and looked at the crazed Qiao Ximin without changing his expression.

He snorted softly and said, “Since its already sealed in stone, Ill take responsibility for you.

Ill visit your father one day soon to ask for your hand in marriage.”

“Get lost! I wont marry you even if I had a one-night stand with you.

Who do you think you are You are not worthy!”

Han Yaotian, who had initially been confident of success felt annoyed by her words, which degraded him into nothing.

He felt his temper rise.

“Youll find out soon enough whether Im worthy or not.

Do you think after the media spreads this news, everyone in Jingdu wont know about us For the Qiao familys reputation and the status of the four wealthiest families, your father will definitely make the right choice.”

Han Yaotian glanced at her coldly.

His handsome face was cold and heartless.

He did not say anything more to her.

He turned around and went into the bedroom to make a call to inform his subordinate to send a fresh change of clothes over.

After what had happened today, he had to strike while the iron was hot, or everything would be for naught.

Qiao Ximin collapsed weakly on the sofa with bloodshot eyes.

She was so angry that her whole body was shaking.

She gritted her teeth in hatred, but nothing seemed to change.

Everything seemed to have been preplanned.

She had no choice but to fall into his trap…

If she had to marry a man like Han Yaotian and suffer the scorn and ridicule of the entire upper-class society, she would rather die.

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