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Chen Yichen looked at Yun Xi.

He knew that she really did not know what it meant for Mu Feichi to have left the country at this time.

When he looked up, he saw that she had plucked a crab cactus from the flower rack by the greenhouse door and was playing with it between her fingers.

He opened his mouth to speak, but stopped in the end.

Perhaps, not knowing anything was a good thing for her.

“Now that youre the top socialite, youll be busy with charity work.

Last night, Gu Baifan must have introduced you to many people in this circle.

If you want to establish yourself in this circle, youll have to spend more time building relations.

Pausing for a moment, he turned around to look at the girl who was staring straight at him.

Her young and tender face was serious and focused.

It was really pleasing to look at.

“Youre still at university, and youre studying medicine.

With so many things combined, can you handle it”

“Its all right.

I dont have any pressure in my medical studies.

Ill need Eldest Heir to guide me when it comes to interpersonal relationships though.”

“You know how to mock me.” Chen Yichen smiled helplessly.

“If you need any help, just come to me.

Theres no need to be so formal between us.”

Even though he knew that with Gu Baifan around, it would be difficult for her to ask him for help, he still told her anyway.

This was his intention and a small gesture of his.

Yun Xi nodded, smiling at him brightly.

She did not act pretentious either.

“Fine, then I wont hold back either.”

After chatting for a long time, the two of them returned to the living room to pay their respects to the Old Master and Old Madame.

The Old Madame had not seen Yun Xi for a long time, so she missed her dearly.

She even talked about the prescription for the medicinal pillow that Yun Xi had concocted and that the Old Madame had given to a few of her old friends.

Everyone said that the effects were very good, and they all wanted to meet this legendary girl with exceptional medical skills.

“I do not deserve the favor of all the seniors, Old Madame Chen.”

She had only done what she should have done.

The Chen family had treated her as their savior and treated her as if she were part of their family.

Even in her previous life, she had never enjoyed such an opportunity and love.

General Chen rushed home after receiving the news of Xiao Jinglin and Yun Xis visit.

Needless to say Xiao Jinglins identity was special.

But most important, he hadnt seen Yun Xi for a long time.

Ever since shed saved him on Christmas Eve, he had been thinking about how to repay this favor.

Initially, hed wanted to use the power in his hands to get her to join the army.

However, when he thought about how protective the Young Commander was about this girl, there was nothing much he could do that the Young Commander couldnt offer in his capacity.

This was especially after hed heard that Yan Shuo had accepted this girl as his disciple.

So then he had even less to offer her.

The girl had grown very quickly in the past two years.

Compared to having her join the army, studying medicine was much better for her.

Especially now that she was with the Young Commander.

Compared to going to the battlefield, the Young Commander would probably be more happy to have her learn medicine.

When he thought about the news he had just received this morning, he couldnt help but sigh.

The Young Commander was in trouble this time.

He didnt know if he would be able to return safely.

This girl was now staying at Tianyu Mountain.

He did not know if shed had any updates.

They were really worried.

Even Commander Mu had left before the meeting was over.

“Yun Xi is here!” General Chen walked forward and asked a few questions about Yun Xis recent situation.

He then changed the topic.

“Young Commander has gone to Country F on the evacuation mission.

How is the situation now Do you have any updates”

This little girl had been able to fight side by side with the Young Commander and had trained under Yan Shuo.

General Chen did not treat her as an outsider either.

Everyone was eagerly waiting for news, and they were also anxious.

“Young Commander…” Yun Xi had just opened her mouth when Chen Yichen interrupted him.

He frowned and shot a look at General Chen.

“Third Uncle, how could Yun Xi know about these military secrets Shouldnt you all know about this better”

Yun Xi felt a bit stunned.

She turned around to look at Chen Yichen, and then looked at General Chen whose face quickly changed into an awkward smile.

A bad feeling surged in her heart.

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