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General Chen quickly recovered from his nephews reaction and smiled awkwardly.

“Thats true! I thought that the Young Commander didnt hide anything from you.”

Yun Xi blinked her eyes and smiled to ease the awkwardness.

“The Young Commander doesnt hide anything from me.

However, I am not privy to military secrets, so Ill just assume thats why I dont know anything about it.”

Old Madame Chen looked at her son and asked in confusion, “Did something happen Why are you in such a hurry”

“Mom, nothing has happened.

I was just casually asking.

I havent seen Yun Xi in a long time.

I heard that you were chosen as the first-class socialite.

I havent congratulated you yet.”

General Chen was afraid that Old Madame Chen would continue asking, so he quickly changed the subject and handed the present he had brought with him to Yun Xi.

“I heard that it was your coming-of-age ceremony a few days ago.

There was a military exercise at the end of the year, so I didnt have time to send the present I had prepared for you.

Since its such an occasion, you must eat with us before leaving.”

Receiving the gift, Yun Xi thanked him gratefully, “Thank you, General Chen.

I came here with Mr.

Xiao today, and I will need to ask Mr.

Xiao first!”

“All right, where is Mr.

Xiao” He looked around the living room and was surprised to see that Xiao Jinglin, Chen Ziliang and Jiang Wanyun were not there.


Xiao and Eldest Master Chen are discussing something in the study upstairs.

This time, he came to discuss something with Mrs.


Chen Zixu nodded and chatted with Yun Xi while waiting.

Soon, he saw the three of them coming down the stairs.

Yun Xi looked at Xiao Jinglin, who seemed to be in a good mood.

She didnt see much disappointment or frustration on his face.

They had come with hope today.

Seeing that he was still in the mood to chat with the Eldest Master, they must have found some clues.

Yun Xi stood up and couldnt help but ask, “Mr.

Xiao, how did it go”

“There are some clues.

Lets talk about it when we get back to the mansion.” Xiao Jinglin turned to look at General Chen, who had reached out to shake his hand.

He shook his hand and patted Chen Zixus shoulder with a helpless and apologetic look.

The two of them looked like old acquaintances.

“Im sorry, but we still have some things to attend to.

Im going to stay in the country for a while, and well catch up another day.”

“Okay! Lets meet again soon.” Chen Zixu nodded.

He and Xiao Jinglin had studied at the United States Military Academy in West Point for a period of time and hadnt seen each other for many years.

Naturally, they wanted to catch up when they had the time.

As they were leaving the Chen family home, Chen Yichen, Chen Ziliang, and Chen Zixu went outside to see them off.

Chen Yichen looked at Yun Xi, who was sitting in the car, and ultimately decided not to say anything.

After watching the car disappear down the driveway, he turned to look at Chen Zixu behind him.

“Im afraid that the overseas rescue mission this time isnt going to go so smoothly.

Yun Xi doesnt know anything about it.

Rather than making her worry, she might as well not know the details.

That way, she might be happier.”

His nephews thoughts were written all over his face.

Chen Zixu patted his shoulder helplessly.

The girl was so close to the Young Commander.

It would not be easy to snatch her away from him.

Moreover, Mu Feichi was a domineering and unreasonable person.

Even his father could do nothing to control him, let alone others.

“Thankfully, that girl doesnt know.

If she did, she might really go after him.”

He had seen her fight alongside the Young Commander with his own eyes.

Her fearless courage and wit were different from other girls her age.

It was indeed a good thing that she was not aware of the situation.

As the two cars drove out of the villa district, Yun Xi turned to look at Xiao Jinglin, who seemed to have a lot on his mind.

She asked curiously, “Mr.

Xiao and General Chen seem to be acquaintances”

“Yes, we were schoolmates and comrades at West Point.

We havent seen each other in years.”

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