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“Does Mrs.

Chen have any clues How did she get the brooch”

“The brooch was auctioned off at an auction house.

She gave me the address and contact number of the auction house, and she also called to introduce me.

However, she used your name to make an appointment with the auction manager.

Well go there now, and youll have to come with me once again please.”

“Its okay.

I dont have any lessons today.” Yun Xi opened the lunch box that Mrs.

Chen had handed her just now.

It had all her favorite snacks and pastries.

She picked up a box and handed it to Xiao Jinglin who was sitting beside her.


Xiao, do you want to try the authentic Chinese-style pastries of Jingdu The Chen familys chefs are quite good.”

Xiao Jinglin looked at the box of red bean cake in front of him and was slightly stunned.

He took it with trembling hands.

Yun Xi saw that he was staring at the food box without moving and thought that he didnt like it.

“You dont like to eat these”

“Not really…” Xiao Jinglin came back to himself.

His smile seemed to be mixed with endless emotions.

“I havent eaten this kind of pastry for almost 20 years.

Do you like it too ”

Yun Xi nodded.

The word too indirectly answered Yun Xis question about Xiao Jinglins preferences.

“When I was young, I grew up in Muyang Town.

My tastes are rather special, and I love this flavor.

However, Mu Feichi doesnt like it.”

“There arent many men who like sweet things.

After being overseas for so many years, I didnt even dare ask my chef to make this pastry.

I was afraid that I would be reminded of her.”

Looking at this gentle and elegant man reminiscing about his missing lover, Yun Xi slowly pushed the opened lunch box toward him.

She casually recited, “The delicate and exquisite red beans are a symbol of longing.

Youll remember each other from the bottom of your hearts.”

Mu Feichi had only been gone for a day, and she, who had never missed anyone in her life, now understood the feeling of missing someone.

If you yearn for someone in your life, they will be on your mind always.

Hearing her say this, Xiao Jinglins eyes fluttered.

For so many years, he had repeated this to himself many, many times.

He knew that this girl was thinking about Mu Feichi.

He was also thinking about the person he had missed for so many years.

For a moment, neither of them said anything.

Fenghuang Niao glanced in the rearview mirror and tried to make herself scarce.

The car stopped outside the auction house.

The manager was already waiting in the lobby on the first floor.

When he saw them arrive, he rushed forward to greet them.

“Hello, Miss Yun.

My surname is Zhang, and Im the manager of this auction house.”

“Hello, Manager Zhang.

This is Mr.


We have something to ask of you today.”

“If theres anything you need, Miss Yun, just let us know.

Well be delighted to help any time.”

Yun Xi handed the auction booklet and the picture of the brooch to Manager Zhang.

“We need detailed information on this brooch.

We need to know how your auction house received this brooch and if you could share some details.

Manager Zhang, this is very important to us.”

“This…” Manager Zhang looked at the photo in his hand.

“This brooch was sold quite some time ago.

Im afraid I will need to check the database.

Please come and follow me.

Yun Xi nodded, and the two of them followed the manager into the elevator and entered the archive room.

In the small living room outside the archive room, Manager Zhangs assistant brought them two cups of coffee.

Yun Xi turned to Xiao Jinglin and asked him to accompany Manager Zhang into the archive room while she waited outside.

The television in the small living room was broadcasting international news.

She held her coffee and raised her eyes to watch it absentmindedly.

It was the current news about Country F.

Everywhere the camera pointed to on the screen, other than the soldiers who were standing near the jeeps with their guns raised, they were all civilians who had escaped from the war.

“According to reports, our countrys rescue team was attacked by an independent army, and we have lost contact with them.

According to the latest news from the war reporters, Country F has had an epidemic.

The United Nations health care team has just found out that this is a new type of virus…”

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