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Before Yun Xi could finish her sentence, Xiao Jinglin came out of the data-filing room with a USB drive in his hand.

“Did something happen” Xiao Jinglin thanked Manager Zhang and walked over to Yun Xi after seeing how anxious she was.

“Have you gotten the information you need”

“Yes, its all in this USB drive.

Lets talk outside.”

Yun Xi nodded and hurried out of the auction house after expressing her thanks to Manager Zhang.

As soon as they got into the car, Yun Xi told Fenghuang Niao to drive back to Tianyu Mountain.

“Niao, you know something about the situation where Mu Feichi is, am I right”

It seemed as if something unexpected must have happened during the evacuation operation, which explained why General Chen had been talking to Fenghuang Niao.

There was no news from those in Country F, and the military headquarters must be getting anxious.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be asking Fenghuang Niao for information.

Tightening her grip on the steering wheel, Fenghuang Niao cleared her throat and, hesitating briefly, said, “Boss didnt want you to know about all this because he didnt want you to worry.”

“Since I have already chosen to be with him, then I will never be able to escape the fate of being worried about him when he goes on a mission.

I have never regretted my choice, so dont hide anything from me like this.

I know he has his responsibilities, but I dont want to be the fool who doesnt know anything when I could actually help sharing his load.”

“This…” Fenghuang Niao glanced in the rearview mirror, and her heart ached when she saw how worried Yun Xi looked.

After a long while, Fenghuang Niao sighed and gave in to Yun Xis determination.

“Li Zilan and the rest have been trapped in a rebel-held region, together with a rescue team and embassy personnel.

They also were attacked, and we are still unclear about the casualty numbers.

So the boss went over to rescue them and support the evacuation operation.

However, it wont be easy for them to get away from the rebels since they are struggling to move such a big group of people.

There were many suicide bombers and various missile attacks.

To escape from the rebel-held territory, they still have to pass through the main war zone and a virus-infected area.

It was this region where there was a new virus outbreak.

After that, they still would have to go through Casa, a small town that is controlled by an independent army corps.”

Yun Xi digested the information, and her heart sank.

Even her hands turned cold and clammy.

“So, you are telling me that they have to go through four different areas before they can reach the harbor where they are to be evacuated”

“Evacuation operations are always like this.

But since our country had diplomatic relations with Country F, there shouldnt have been too many problems at the checkpoints along the way.

However, I am most worried about sudden random attacks, and…”

“The new virus…” Yun Xi murmured and helped finish her sentence, as she was also worried about the virus outbreak.

It would definitely be another big blow to them if it were an extremely contagious virus.

Not only would the troops be tired and demoralized, but if anyone were to get infected, it would only hinder their movement and speed.

“Ive heard that the new virus is a much more lethal version of the virus sample you all lost in Xinqi Town previously, and the death rate is really high.

So its likely that someone stole the virus and made some kind of a deal with the independent army in Country F, leading to this epidemic.”

“The virus sample we lost in Xinqi Town…” Yun Xi was immediately pulled back to her senses when Fenghuang Niao brought up that incident.

She then took out her mobile phone quickly and called Xiang Yuanxun.

“This is Yun Xi.

The Young Commander… Do you have the latest news from them”

Yun Xi desperately wanted to know the latest information.

However, she was also worried about receiving bad news.

These two thoughts made her feel really uncertain and torn.

“Yun Xi…” Xiang Yuanxun paused before he said, “Before the Young Commander left, he ordered me not to tell you anything.

I am a soldier, and I must follow his orders.

I am really sorry…”

Yun Xi took a deep breath through her gritted teeth.

“All right, I understand.

Then I would like to get Han Hongbins travel records for the past six months.

Could you retrieve those records for me”

“I can do that, but I would need some time.

My hacking skills are not as great as Grey Wolfs, so you will have to wait.”

“I am now on my way back to Tianyu Mountain.

I will come to see you later.”

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