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Perhaps this situation had become an extreme emergency.

However, Yun Xi did not expect to see another car stopped at the sentry post when they arrived at Tianyu Mountain.

Yun Xi looked at the cars license plate in front of them.

She felt her heart skip a beat when she recognized the driver.

“Thats General Mus car, right” Xiao Jinglin asked when he saw the driver alight from the car.

After seeing Yun Xi nod to his question, he also got out of their vehicle.

Mu Chongli didnt seem surprised to see Xiao Jinglin when he got out of the car.

After they had greeted each other, Mu Chongli turned to Yun Xi and said, “You should have access to my sons intelligence unit, am I right”

Mu Chongli knew that his son had been hiding things from him.

However, he treated Yun Xi differently and even granted her access to his top-secret intelligence unit.

So Mu Chongli had decided to look for her if he wanted to know the latest information about the evacuation operation.

Yun Xi nodded, and she suddenly knew why General Mu had come to look for her.

“But before he left, he gave an order not to divulge any information to me.”

Gritting her teeth, Yun Xi looked up at Mu Chongli and smiled helplessly.

“You are here to get the latest news about the evacuation operation, is that right”

Mu Chongli nodded, and he got straight to the point without beating around the bush.

“The military side hasnt been getting any new information.

After watching all the news reports, I got a little worried, so I decided to come here.

I thought he wouldnt keep anything from you…”

However, if Mu Feichi had given a strict order not to tell her anything, Yun Xi probably couldnt get anything out of the intelligence unit either.

“The situation must be serious.

Otherwise, he wouldnt keep it from me.”

Yun Xi clenched her fists and took a deep breath before looking up once again.

“If nothing else works, I will make a trip there personally.

Su Hang is already rushing to develop a vaccine for the virus.

As for news from Country F…”

Xiao Jinglin stood beside them silently, and he spoke before Yun Xi could finish her sentence.

“If you need the latest information from Country F, I may be able to help.

However, my source would probably be slower than Mu Jinzhis intelligence network.”

“…” Both Yun Xi and Mu Chongli turned to look at Xiao Jinglin simultaneously.

They had almost forgotten that they still had a great and capable person right in front of them.

After all, if Xiao Jinglin needed any information from anywhere in the world, he would just need to ask for it.

Yun Xi looked toward Xiao Jinglin in surprise, and she felt a glimmer of hope.


Xiao, you are willing to help us”

They wouldnt want to trouble him if they had any other choice.

Because of Xiao Jinglins unique identity, any small action from him could cause a domino effect, affecting many things in the situation.

But as compared to being blind in the situation, if they could get information from his other channels, it would help them make any decisions and plans quickly.

“This is nothing.

You helped me a lot today, didnt you” Xiao Jinglin smiled.

He then turned to Mu Chongli, “Mu, you should first go back to the military headquarters.

They need someone around to lead and make any decisions in this situation.

I will let you know once I have anything.”

“All right, I got it.” Mu Chongli nodded.

“I will leave it to you.”

After sending Mu Chongli off, Yun Xi instructed their driver to take Xiao Jinglin back.

She then took Fenghuang Niaos car to the intelligence unit.

Xiang Yuanxun went out to wait for Yun Xi as soon as he was notified of her imminent arrival.

However, seeing how he stood at the entrance with a stack of files in his hands, it seemed as if he was not going to let Yun Xi step into the intelligence unit at all.

Yun Xi did not get out of the car.

Instead, she rolled down the window and looked at the man standing outside.

From a hooligan, Xiang Yuanxun had grown into a responsible soldier.

Yun Xi was really grateful to Mu Feichi for this, and she was also pleased that she had not made a wrong judgment.

“These are all the files you wanted.

I know that you are feeling anxious, but dont worry.

The Young Commander is all right!”

This was the only thing he could tell Yun Xi.

He really couldnt say much about anything else.

“Thank you.” Yun Xi understood why he couldnt say much and thanked him gratefully.

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