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Chapter 152: How She Could Defend Herself

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Teacher Xu looked at Yang Lu, and suddenly he understood what was going on.

It seemed that what Zhao Yumo had said to him was true.

All the students in the class had been upset by Yun Xis outstanding grades and had come together to frame her.

He glanced at the seemingly high-society lady sitting next to Liang Xinyi.

Her daughter was being wronged, yet she appeared completely indifferent.

What a mother! She was truly negligent and irresponsible.

If he openly defended Yun Xi in front of so many parents, it would only make the students feel that he was being unfair and partial.

After pondering the situation, he glanced at Yun Xi, who had an impassive expression on her face.

“Since you are making these charges, you had better go to the storage room and search it again.

If it is proved that Yun Xi did not cheat and you framed Yun Xi, then the school will mete out harsh penalties.

Youd better think hard about this.”

Yang Lu raised her chin with a resolute expression.

“Its the truth, so I have a clear conscience.”

Besides, the door was equipped with a coded lock, so one couldnt enter it without the code.

She didnt believe that Yun Xi would have been able to get in and retrieve the bracelet.

And even if she could have entered the room, she wouldnt have known in advance that they would frame her with a bracelet.

This time, Yun Xi was dead meat!

Given the hard evidence they had, it would be interesting to see how she could defend herself now.

As long as they could get her kicked out of the top advanced classes, no one in the class would hold against her what had happened at the beginning of school.

“Good!” Seeing her so confident, Teacher Xu sneered to himself.

“Then lets go over there together.”

The other parents and classmates also followed them in order to verify whether the accusations against Yun Xi were true.

Walking at the end of the group, Yun Xi saw Yun Yuanfeng rushing over.

“Dad, youre here!”

Upon hearing that, Liang Xiuqin and Liang Xinyi turned their heads abruptly, and their eyes were full of the pleasure they were taking in Yun Xis problems.

“I think that hes Yun Xis father.

Ive heard that he is the vice president of a big company and an extremely busy person.”

“How did he raise such an excellent child”

Many of these students parents also worked in business, and not many of the busy parents were able to attend the parent meetings in person.

Liang Xiuqin listened to them talking about her husband, and their tones of admiration and envy made her proud.

She called him from a distance, “Husband, you are here.”

It seemed that she desperately wanted everyone to know that she was the wife of Vice President Yun.

Sure enough, as soon as she spoke, many parents started gossiping about it.

Vice President Yuns wife, as in Yun Xis mother

Then why was she simply standing beside another female student while completely ignoring what was happening to Yun Xi

Was she afraid of embarrassment, or…maybe she wasnt her birth mother

The couple came to attend the parent meeting for their two “daughters” separately.

What an unusually complicated relationship…

Yun Yuanfeng saw the crowd of parents and teachers as he approached.

He thought they were there to welcome him, and he smiled unctuously.

“Sorry, sorry, Im late!”

Teacher Xu stepped forward to shake hands with Yun Yuanfeng.

“Hello, Mr.

Yun, I am the homeroom teacher of Class 3, and my surname is Xu.”

“Hello, Teacher Xu.

Im really sorry for being late and wasting everyones time!”

“Its okay, the parent meeting hasnt started yet.

At this time, there just happens to be something that needs to be dealt with first.”

“This is…”

Yun Yuanfeng glanced at all the parents who were staring at him, then looked at the homeroom teacher in confusion.

“What happened”

Before Teacher Xu could speak, Liang Xinyi rushed over to preemptively accuse Yun Xi.

“Uncle, Yun Xi stole the exam papers for the quiz, and she got first place by cheating.”

“This…how is this possible!”

When Yun Yuanfeng heard that Yun Xi had stolen the exam papers and saw so many parents staring at him with questioning eyes, the huge smile on his face instantly vanished and his face grew dark.

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