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The situation was much worse than had been expected.

After Li Zilan and Jin Lei had been caught in an ambush, the communications system had broken down entirely.

So no one knew where they were.

Fenghuang Cheng looked away from the radar scanner in Grey Wolfs hand and turned toward Mu Feichi.

“Sir, since we dont know anything about the situation in the war zone, should we make a detour”

Though crossing through the war zone would be the fastest route, it was also a dangerous path to take.

If an explosion were to go off ahead of them, the cars that Mu Feichi and his team were in wouldnt be able to stop in time.

“We cant delay any longer.

We do not know how many people have already been infected with the virus.

If we waste more time, there may be more people getting infected, and the situation would get more unfavorable for us.”

Things would have been simpler if it had been just an ordinary evacuation operation.

But unfortunately, it happened that at the same time there was a new virus outbreak.

So without the vaccine, the situation didnt look very optimistic, whether it was about rescuing people or isolating the infected.

On top of that, they still had to travel through four danger zones while searching for Li Zilan and the others.

They would constantly be in danger, as they were very obvious targets due to their group size.

Mu Feichi knew that he was carrying a heavy responsibility on his shoulders.

He had to work perfectly with his team members to get the safest evacuation plan.

If not, they could be badly hit once under an attack.

The team carefully traveled through the battle-scarred war zone amid the sound of gunfire and explosions.

The atmosphere was tense as they continued to make their way toward the embassy building.

At the laboratory, Yun Xi flipped through the researchs statistical data quickly.

She stood beside the glass cabinet with a group of experts as they all waited anxiously for the results of the testing on the white lab rats.

There was a lot of experimental data, and it was mainly about the new antigen that had been identified with the help of the data from previous vaccine research.

It seemed as if the other party who had been responsible for creating this virus was quite capable.

They had been able to upgrade and develop a more infectious and deadly virus within such a short time.

After a whole night of research, more than ten experts finally came up with a possible new vaccine.

If the new vaccine were proven ineffective, they would have to start all over again.

“Yun Xi, look! It looks like its working!” Su Hang shouted at Yun Xi while pointing at the glass incubator.

Yun Xi glanced over at Su Hang.

She then put down the files and walked over to him.

The white rat staggered to its feet in the glass incubator and took a few steps with great effort.

A group of people watched the rats movements with bated breath.

After waiting for about half an hour, everyone was relieved when they finally saw it moving over to another incubator.

Now that the team had successfully developed the vaccine for the new virus, the remaining thing to do was to produce the vaccines as quickly as possible and send them to country F.

In every minute of delay, someone might die from the infection.

So, the laboratory didnt have any time to waste.

“Ill help!” After looking at the experts and professors who hadnt rested since last night, Yun Xi put down the files and followed them into another laboratory.

The group stayed up until 3:00 oclock in the morning, and they finally produced the first batch of vaccines.

After carefully placing every little vial into a vaccine storage box, Yun Xi took some medical supplies from Su Hangs infirmary and packed them into her medical kit.

“What are you going to do now” Su Hang suddenly had a bad feeling when he saw her packing away so many medical supplies.

“I am going to take these vaccines to country F myself.” Yun Xi grabbed onto her medical kit tightly.

“I know you can get in contact with Grey Wolf and the rest.

Tell me where they are, and I will take these vaccines to them personally.”

“No! I will get someone else to deliver them.

You cant go.

If you were to appear there, the Young Commander would definitely come after me when he gets back.”

“I insist.

And, compared to anyone else, it is also better for me to go.

After all, I am a medical student, so my medical skills will definitely come into use.

Dont forget that Mu Feichi did not take you along, so he doesnt have any military medical officer with him.”

“Even if thats the case, I still cant let you go.

Ill go instead.”

Su Hang was a military doctor, so he would be the most suitable candidate if they needed any medical help.

No matter what, he couldnt let Yun Xi go on the battlefield.

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