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The two of them continued arguing.

Fenghuang Niao knocked on the glass door and reminded them, “Since you both want to go, then go! Su Hang, remember that if she goes and you dont, no one will plead for your mercy when the boss comes back.

With this girl around, he wont be too harsh on you.”

“How can you come up with such a bad idea”

Su Hang glared at her in frustration and turned to look at the stubborn girl in front of him.

Given her personality, hed never thought that he would be able to stop her.

However, this was a real battlefield.

The Young Commander would do everything he could to protect her.

If she became injured, that tyrant would definitely kill him.

“Anyway, I wont let you go, and I wont take you with me.

He would kill me.

I cant take you with me!”

It was better to be safe than sorry.

Besides, why would a girl like her want to go to such a place and what would she do there

Men who had been on the battlefield would not want to return there again.

Even if they survived the ordeal, no one would feel lucky.

Blood and gunfire would become nightmares that haunted them for the rest of their lives.

No matter who it was, their hearts would no longer be pure.

Men who had been on the battlefield had also honed their resilience and cold-bloodedness through these kinds of wars time after time.

At the same time, they revered life and loved peace.

The Young Commander probably didnt want to tarnish her, and that was why he didnt want to let her go to the battlefield.

She was the Young Commanders last bit of innocence.

If she went to the battlefield, he didnt imagine that the Young Commander would be able to accept it.

Seeming to have seen through his concerns, Fenghuang Niao waved at the two people inside and turned to look at Su Hang.

“Since you know the Young Commander, you should understand that even if you stop her now, she will still have to face this one day.

Only when she truly understands what a battlefield is like and when she truly faces life and death, will she understand the Young Commanders persistence and burden.

You are not the person who will be his partner in life.

She can bear what she should endure.

Why do you have to worry”

“But…” Fenghuang Niao was right.

This couple could only get closer to each other if they shared their hearts and understood one another better.

However, he had more concerns, and he could not bear to let her face those things.

Yun Xi raised her head, not wishing to waste any more words with him.

“Lets cut this discussion short.

Are you going to give in or not”

She knew very well what they were worried about, but she was no longer the little girl who had just returned to Jingdu two years ago.

After surviving Lord Yans training, even if she could not compare to a well-trained special forces soldier, she could still protect herself.

“I guess I cant stop you.” Su Hang sighed.

It was unclear if he felt heartache or helplessness.

“I only hope that when the Young Commander beats me up, he can be gentle.”

“Then lets go! Contact them.

Ill go back to get my passport.

Once its done, well leave immediately.”

Yun Xi did not wait for Su Hang to reply.

She had already grabbed the medicine and pulled Fenghuang Niao away with her.

She didnt want to waste a single second.

Su Hang turned around and went back to the waiting room to contact the person in charge in Country F to plan their travel arrangements.

On the way, Yun Xi called Commander Mu and told him that she had already developed a virus vaccine and that Su Hang would deliver it to Country F in person.

She did not dare to mention that she would be going with him.

“Yan Shuo is already at the airport.

He will go over as well.

He will be in charge of the external liaisons.

Mu Jinzhi and the rest will come back safely with him.

Dont worry!”

After hanging up the phone, the car stopped at the entrance of Mu Mansion.

Fenghuang Niao drove the car back to her dormitory to pack her luggage and firearms, while Yun Xi went to the valuables chamber that Mu Feichi had just tidied up recently.

More than half of the equipment in it had been moved over from the military base.

There was the sniper rifle that Mu Feichi had given her and the War God that Mu Feichi had kept for life-and-death missions.

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