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Yun Xi opened the wardrobe and looked at the combat uniform in it.

Mu Feichi had customized this combat uniform especially for her.

She had never expected to wear it so soon.

After changing into her combat uniform, she took out a few weapons from the firearms cabinet in the valuables chamber.

She only brought a gun for self-defense and nothing else.

The moment she left the valuables chamber, she received a call from Su Hang.

His anxious tone made her worried.

“Yun Xi, Im at the foot of the mountain.

I cant contact the Young Commander, and all communications have been cut off.

I cant promise you what has happened.

Lets go to the airport now.

The airport in Country F is already closed, so our private plane will have to land at the port of a neighboring country.

Time is running short, so hurry up!”

“Im coming!” She put away her gun, put on her helmet, and ran back to Mu Feichis bedroom.

She hurriedly pulled out the drawer and emptied its contents onto the bed.

Halfway through, she kicked over a cupboard, but she did not care anymore.

After she found her passport, she grabbed a few pieces of chocolate and quickly ran down the stairs.

“Yun Xi, where are you going” Xiao Jinglin came in from the balcony on the first floor.

At that moment, he saw her changed into a combat uniform and running out.


Xiao, the virus vaccine has been developed.

Su Hang and I are going to deliver them to Country F together.”

All these years, she had never been so desperate to be with someone.

She was anxious because she cared.

“Girl, thats a real war zone.

Why would a girl like you go to that kind of place Ive already sent people to search for information.

There will be news later.

Even if anything happens to the evacuation operation, Mu Jinzhi can solve it.

Its too dangerous for you to go there.”

“Even if its dangerous, I still have to go.


Xiao, you know that Im worried about him.

I cant just wait here for news.”

“You headstrong lass…” Xiao Jinglin had not interacted with this little girl before and could not deal with such a stubborn little thing.

He really could not stop her.

“Then keep your phone on and make sure that you are contactable at all times.

If you need anything, call me.

Ill get someone to pick you up at the airport.”

Gritting her teeth, she thanked him gratefully, “Okay, thank you!”

Xiao Jinglin looked at the time, took out his cell phone, and made a call.

“The airport of Country F is already closed.

Your plane can only land in the neighboring country.

I have connections in Country G, so I asked them to prepare an armed helicopter for you there to fly you to your destination.

Its faster and safer.

Come on, Ill take you to the airport.”

“Thank you…” Even a drop of water at this time was precious to her.

She was very grateful for his help.

As they exited the house, Su Hang and Fenghuang Niao gazed at the girl dressed in her combat uniform and armed like them.

The two of them looked at each other, and both of them looked as if they had something on their minds.

Neither of them spoke.

Yun Xi told Su Hang about Xiao Jinglins rescue arrangements.

With this help from Xiao Jinglins intelligence network, the originally worried Su Hang heaved a sigh of relief, and they drove to the airport in two cars.

At the airport terminal, Xiao Jinglin took a satellite phone from his bodyguard and handed it to Yun Xi.

“This phone can locate your coordinates.

If you need help, you can call me.

You can reach me via the number inside.”

“Thank you, Mr.


Well be back safely.”

Yun Xi looked at the expensive satellite phone in her hand.

She knew the value of this phone and carefully put it in her backpack.

After thanking Xiao Jinglin again, she turned around and followed Fenghuang Niao down the passage to the plane.

Xiao Jinglin watched them disappear down the green corridor.

He turned around and ordered the bodyguards behind him, “Inform everyone to pay close attention to the situation in Country F.

Report any news to me directly.

I want the news immediately.”

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